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  1. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

  2. "did you look on the shelves in the livingroom" referring to my friend who has misplaced her health carrd lol
  3. roggie19

    Hi everyone

    Hey Talor welcome to the boards have a great time :)
  4. roggie19


    Welcome I think we all love Coldplay lol Enjoy your stay :D
  5. I confess that my girlfriend and I are both redheads... ;p;
  6. Thanks crestingwaves for the enlightening information :) Now I know what bsides are cheers :)
  7. What exactly are B-sides? never heard of this term before.
  8. hey Jordan nice intro and welcome :)
  9. When all youve listened to is Parachutes and X&Y for the past 2 days...does that make me obssessed?? :S lol If it does then hellss ya lol
  10. "She called to make sure you ass was up for work" yeah true story lol I said that to my sister like 2 mminutes ago lol :) I'm a lovely brother lol
  11. roggie19

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the boards its good to see more crazy coldlpayers around :D Enjoy your stay :)
  12. hey all I registered on this site awhile ago but I've been through a lot and havent been on the computer too much just wanted to say heyy to everyone and to say I'm back for some awesome Coldplay chat!! cheers :)
  13. She has a huge ring on her finger lol
  14. What IF made me cry and also Fix You two beautiful songs and two of my favs :)
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