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  1. So happy. It is probably the album that means the most for me, so the live version is just the best thing EVER!!! :-) The japanese version will have "Viva La Vida (Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall)" as a CD bonus track though. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/WPZR-90085.
  2. For the Viny l version it is too. I haven't timed but I'd say it is the same length than the regular CD version.
  3. I was there and it was just AMAZING. I could talk to Phil Harvey, and Coldplay made 3 takes for the video, plus had a little bit of chat with some people of around them, played A sky full of stars in acoustic. It was such an overwhelming day. Also knowing we may be credited in the clip is a huge blessing. It was an unforgettable day, I cannot believe it happened
  4. No way?!!? Haha AWSOME. Which question did you ask :-)? Im pretty curious.
  5. I'm afraid you're wrong. I've seen a few copies from the Netherlands being sold on eBay and try there is a release description on discogs. Sent from my GT-I9500 using Tapatalk
  6. So cool. Could you possibly save a copy if you can for me please? Would be just awsome!!
  7. Hi Guys, There is a special edition edition at HMV, in the UK with 4 beautiful postcards housed in an envelop. Would someone would be able to get it and ship abroad? I do not need the CD, but would love to get those cards. I can send to whoever would send those to me a free copy of LRLRLRL to trade. Cheers Have a look here:
  8. Argh. No tickets on both sales. It was cazy, sold out whithin a second. Lucky those who got tickets :-)
  9. If you have the Live 2012, you don't need to buy this track but just extract the Audio from the DVD as 'The Scientist' is on the DVD. I did it & the track is exactly the same, 5.55 minutes.
  10. .:: Pre Parachutes Era::. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Blue Room EP (12R6528, 12” vinyl release, which is numbered. Copy N°0673) - Mince Spies (COLDXMAS 01, Limited to 1000 Copies, Including Original 2001 Fanzine) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .:: Parachutes Era::. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Parachutes (CCD-2001/009A Chinese release of the album) - Para
  11. @YellowTeardrops13 Hi. I have all Viva la Vida CD In Extra (Violet Hill Promo & EU 2-tracks releases, Viva la vida, Promo& EU 2-track Release, Lost (blue+red), Lovers in japan, Life in technicolour, Strawberry Swing. PM me if interested :-).
  12. I actually never saw a White Shadows Promo. Must be amazing to see one once.. About moses, Just keep watching some promo websites. It comes sometimes.
  13. http://itunes.apple.com/de/album/princess-of-china-ep/id529169487http://itunes.apple.com/de/album/princess-of-china-ep/id529169487 Or check on coldplay official facebook.
  14. It has been released only on iTunes in austria, germany & switzerland. 4 tracks including acoustic, invisible men rmx, tiesto rmx & radio version. Sooo
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