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  1. hearing the song "Rainy Day" at a resturant. Thats ironic cuz it was raining in my town
  2. this :nod: My friend and i plan to move to london if we ever get enough money to rent a flat... Anyways.. Here's my list: the lingo the big ferris wheels awesome people come from there accent yeaah all i could think of right now p.s. Nice intro, thing i caught my attention with the free food... lol:P
  3. Nice pic :) i always find myself procrastinating on this thred.. :D
  4. Ahaha your not alone.. I do the same too.. I try to talk to my friends about coldplay but then i relieze that they are probably not listenin. aha
  5. you will probably do great :) ... any ways ahaha i daydreamt that i met chris for the first time... when i relized that i was like "oh gosh :facepalm:" guys? i think im obsessed." please tell me this has happened to you as well....
  6. ^ Thats how i felt when i first heard it, then i gave it a chance and now i like it.. I dont love it but i dont hate it.. :)
  7. Lol i knoww! i love that article,, they are such a cute family :laugh3: but like yehh that was a lot of information! Crazyy people can stalk them noww..
  8. Bananas are yellow... Name of a cp song yellow <3 table cloth
  9. Welcome! :D I absolutely loveee Moses ! It amazing! <333 I think the song that got me hooked to Coldplay was The Scientist
  10. Yehh i would try to do this, then epically fail and the fan girl inside me would probably come out! :smug:
  11. Name the song/s that you think is the most overrated and underrated in each cp album: Parachutes: Overrated: None. They are all equally perfect Underrated: We Never Change/Spies AROBTTH: Overrated: Daylight Underrated: Warning Sign X&Y: Overrated: The Hardest Part Underrated: Swallowed in the Sea VLV: Overrated: 42 Underrated: DAAHF MX: Overrated: Paradise... Its getting played out :\ Underrated: Us Against the World
  12. I no they are to perfect to be humans their like aliens or something! umm in this interveiw, chris is givin a highschool musical lunchbox [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN_jdwVtPVE]Chris Martin Interview - January 2009 - YouTube[/ame] cartwheel
  13. Monkeys are sometimes believed that evolved into humans. Chris, Guy, Will and Jonny are four amazing humans :D notepad
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