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  1. 1) Viva la Vida 2) A Rush of Blood to the Head 3) Parachutes 4) Ghost Stories 5) X&Y 6) Mylo Xyloto 7) A Head Full of Dreams
  2. Urgh where do I start. 9 new songs really without the pointless instrumentals. Some songs sound too similar to older Coldplay songs. Amazing Day sounds like a cover of a much better song. So much of it sounds familiar. I felt Ghost Stories was a step forward from the disappointment of M.X. But that album is still much better than this failed disco of an album. A lot of it just sounds like the music teenybopper kids would make in their bedroom. If Coldplay released this after Rush or Viva it would have damaged their career. But as commercial music is so terrible, samey, uninspired...
  3. I really want to hear an acoustic version of this :)
  4. Maybe album 8 will be a stage play split into two parts ;)
  5. Yeh I just checked and that surprises me. I wonder if Chris introduced it as a new song or even the title. Bearing in mind most of the audience probably aren't Coldplay fans. They replaced Elton John at the last minute I recall.
  6. Because they cut to a close up of the Banana piano and I knew it was obviously a cue card of some kind so I rewound it back and discovered it was a set list for the show. Coldplay were at the top of the card.
  7. That is just the host's questions for Coldplay. The other card literally had the play list on the whole show on it.
  8. it's the card on the left (out of shot!!) must have been before Chris Martin got to the banana piano or after....damn
  9. No it had both songs listed in the same way the other bands had their songs listed.
  10. No sorry I just paused the TV when the show was on and took a quick look. Besides I'm sure on somewhere like twitter you could find out 100%. But I remember because it's the title track.
  11. 7th Album is the final contracted one right?. So if Coldplay leave I can see the label releasing a greatest hits in 2016/2017. Parlophone did the same with Radiohead which at the time they distanced themselves from.
  12. It's 'A Head Full Of Dreams' ....how do I know? It was written by the Banana piano on a card listing all the songs the bands were going to play on that show.
  13. Have a feeling LP8 will be a Greatest Hits with a few new songs on it.
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