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  1. now I don't understand them, why are they laughing? :embarassed: my english is soo bad
  2. they are talking about chris's deeps voice now..... I wish I could ask chris why does he find satisfaction on being crucified-
  3. congratz! yay they are playing yes right now! I hope I can understand that lovely british accent
  4. thanks all of you!! And I'm sorry for being so annoying but you know I'm always on the moon :dozey:
  5. hey guys where can I hear this¿? please.... they are playing all this live?? or what????
  6. where can I hear it? what have I missed again?
  7. the guys are playing live?
  8. haha yes chris seems to be disturbing sometimes, like a fly :P and the poor johny has to pay
  9. is the second most viewed ever just behind starway to heaven... you don't believe me? http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/top/top100.htm
  10. yes! lost! or god put a smile upon your face?
  11. this is the one you could send questions?? *drools* stupid mee!
  12. strawberry swing in my place vs cemeteries of london
  13. :o thanks... was the interview good? cause I always find them boring :dozey:
  14. they talked about crest of waves??? :o what else was interesting about the interview?
  15. Yes square one or life in technicolor?
  16. yup adriana is even more beautiful
  17. bump! such a rush Viva la Vida vs Yes
  18. 46 I mean 42 I just hate maths :dozey: jk the couples in an island of Asia?
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