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  1. it's been a month since I discovered this band thanks to youtube. I'm IN LOVE with their songs. :D they are basically awesome from my point of view I can't wait for their album to be released here in Argentina! It may sound crazy but their music makes me feel the same way Coldplay did when I was younger
  2. loved it guys!! it's really awesome..good job!! :D
  3. this is perfect!..nice t-shirt!! I love when people make this type of things!! their concerts are so awesome!!! it's almost sure you enjoyed it a lot! Congrats!!!
  4. I was thinking just the same..so..somewhere in the middle..not so close to the main stage! thanks a lot!
  5. random question which do you think is the best spot to be in a coldplay concert?..the stage changed a lot so to be right at the front is almost imposible
  6. Guys!!! I just saw this http://coldplay.com/uploads/20120601-LondonCrowd_Large.jpg?0.968422936635549 and I was wondering if any of you knows the story behind the guy holding the banner "I love my friends" ?? He is by the bottom right corner of the crowd! :D!! maybe there's a great story there!
  7. Welcome!!! Bienvenido! :D!!!

  8. There's only three things to say about last night 1 - what a lame crowd 3- the camaramen..OH please!!!..they could have been better!! 2- Coldplay, in spite of the situation ie lame crowd and camaramen, gave their best as always!! it was awesome!
  9. OMG!! awesome edition..that's the way CB video should have been!!..coldplay coldplay coldplay and even MORE coldplay!!! thanks!!
  10. this is going to be my first mistape exchange!..so bear with me please haha count me in!!
  11. OMG! I just loved Will as a puppy version hahahaha
  12. Shiver ..because it was the first Coldplay song I fell in love with Yes! .. cause I can relate to it See you soon - lovely! Glass of water ..when they played it At River in Buenos Aires it just blew my head off! Us against the world .. what is not to like about it!..just watch the live version at Glastonbury! ..this is hard!..I tried to pick just 5 as you asked!..but there are so many and all of them are somehow special to me! two more..Talk and Low! ♥
  13. I think there's no need to tell the same identical story in the song through the video to find it interesting..an example?..The hardest part video!..crazy sh%&!! hahaha ..but still great!
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