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  1. Love Keane they are one of my favorite bands
  2. I've always thought the way their sound has changed over the years that a female artist along the lines of Ingrid Michaelson would clash well with them. BTW has anybody heard Hatchie? They would be great together.
  3. The song recently (last 2 years) that immediately grabbed my attention and loved from the very beginning was COTW.
  4. Those were great too My favorite aspect of Coldplay is how much their sound seems to progress and change. BTW everyone was talking about JB but Guy shines on this
  5. I'm emotionally drained So so incredible ty to Coldplay
  6. Name a band or artist you hope shows up on LP9
  7. I already love it. Really looking forward to listening over my headphones tonight.
  8. The outro is amazing. Don't fully know the lyrics but the part where Chris mentions your love song...
  9. I very much enjoyed it. Love the upbeat vibe to it!
  10. There was interesting topic on Reddit recently about predicting Coldplay song titles for the MOTS era. I threw a few random choices up but one of them (Infinite) caught my attention. If you go to the Coldplay official website under the alphabet translation the symbol for Infinite/Infinity is right at the top. It's basically a sideways 8.
  11. Perfect time to announce a feat of Adele on MOTS 😂 Dude you're getting Adele!
  12. Me waking up to no leak Me when I finally hear Higher Power
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