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  1. I recently became a fan of Oasis after I saw Liam and Coldplay performing at the Manchester concert. I just didn't appreciate the band while they were still together. You take things for granted until they disappear forever.
  2. English bands, English male models, long-haired metalheads from Manchester
  3. My day sucked just about as much as the OP. I am done with love. Maybe I'll just get a dog.
  4. I found out today that a man I love has a girlfriend. The first man I've fallen in love with in years. I just feel like I wanna die. All the good ones are taken. Heart broken!!
  5. I haven't been here in about 7 months. Not since the concert. LOL
  6. Everyone always compared Bush to Nirvana because they were both grunge. And grunge is dead. Bush is the only UK band I can think of that was more popular in the US than they were in England. They called it "American" music because of their influences. That's probably why Gavin married a girl from Orange County.
  7. because the world is obsessed with Radiohead :D
  8. I like him. I saw him on Canadian Idol. He appeared to be a nice guy. Unlike Billy Bob Thorton, Gavin seemed to like Canada. I've always liked this song for some reason: [ame] [/ame] The remix is even better...to me at least. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfF5hYFhzHM]YouTube - Bush - Letting the cables sleep remix[/ame]
  9. Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!!
  10. http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/04/06/italy.quake/index.html I have family and friends in the quake zone. Please send your donations here: http://www.redcross.org/ Thanks.
  11. I have a blog at livejournal. I don't post there anymore. That site is really dead now. I spend a lot of time at Twitter now.
  12. My music school had to close...because of the economy. Oh well. Have to teach myself now, I guess. (like that's possible) :rolleyes:
  13. I like these guys. They're from Rome. They call themselves Oblivio. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv63NJ_WsGw]YouTube - Oblivio - Distant Memories[/ame]
  14. I like their song Helena. I've seen the video like 20 times.
  15. I need to get their new album but I'm really broke They played 2 shows here but both were sold out so I couldn't go
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