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  1. That's how most people think Guy got into the band, but if you listen closely to the interview below you'll notice that he's asked about this story and he responded that while "it's a good story, it's definitely not entirely true." http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=67753
  2. Dfit00


    Welcome on board Diamond. ;)
  3. Faust Briggins vs. localola86
  4. You always say this whenever you're responding to me, why don't start your posts with a better introduction? I still hang around here because I want to. If I have that many haters, then tell me who are those that "secretly dislike me". I can guarantee you that your list won't be long enough to support your claim. Oh and if you want me to piss off then make me - you already failed once. You seriously love mixing things up don't you? Netbooks are cheaper than laptops, and my point is that you are cheap for buying a netbook and whining about its capabilities instead of making an
  5. Julia, is there a particular reason of why you usually talk about this topic? :) You shouldn't be afraid to lose people, we all die in the end. Personally, I don't believe in true love and I don't plan to get married or have kids. Living by yourself can be a tough experience but it has its rewards just like anything else. It's up to you what lifestyle you want to have and what choices you want to make, overall life is better if you have real friendships and people that you can count on.
  6. Yeah whatever, but unlike you I'm independent enough to not live with my parents and handle things on my own. Maybe you should seek some sort of creativity and self-expression that will help you in the long run. Do you really think he has the mental capability to debate a topic without accosting other people for their different opinions? Just look at the picture in his avatar, I think the mental capability that he has represents itself very clearly.
  7. Why don't you get a normal laptop so that you can avoid this tremendous frustration? Are you really this cheap? Oh never mind, I just remembered what you do for a living.
  8. I'm sorry but you got to the wrong person. ceolsige vs. HorrificAttack
  9. And why hasn’t the creator replied to all of the comments made so far? I can’t never tell whether you are a certified genius or an authentic hermit, Chris.
  10. Threads of this kind bring the best out of humanity.
  11. Try U-Haul, little carreta and big fun! http://www.uhaul.com/
  12. No, this user. He's into libertarianism and loves these moral conversations.
  13. I felt so honored for the fact that I was not included in this poll's list by Mr. Jarvis.
  14. Good, just reorganizing my place at the moment. What about you?

  15. Ha! I thought you guys were dating already for some reason. But I do get your point, I guess you have to be in proper crowd at the right time - which is something that rarely happens.
  16. What happened to that guy that you danced with at a party or something? Did you guys never date again?
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