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  1. I was investigating the whole issue with the spammers yesterday, and you must be proud of yourself my dear Jordan, because your party in the usa got out of control. Take a look: http://forum.atu2.com/index.php/topic,12895.7995.html http://forum.atu2.com/index.php/topic,13680.0.html
  2. I think this explains the logic behind it too. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI3I9NTHtAQ]YouTube - Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry Talks to Himself Clip CYE[/ame]
  3. Yeah, it's quite scary because I had the idea that most people in Europe and Asia were more health-conscious than in any other part of the world.
  4. Anyone up for a Triple Whopper with cheese?
  5. It's a stab to my heart when people say that they hate math. :cry: And Geometry is probably the easiest math class that you'll ever take in your life.
  6. They probably mistook you for a spammer.
  7. Welcome aboard! :wink:
  8. I highly doubt that you posted that in order to not get a response. And yes I could be considered to be trolling you to some extent, but it's not real trolling because I'm responding to the person who actually did troll in the first place.
  9. Well, you clearly posted that looking to get a response (which you did get in return). Why would you do that?
  10. busybeeburns Faust vs Aleluvscp
  11. mksh24 is part of Mr. Jarvis's "flock". I just wanted to let you know. ;)
  12. Would you also advise to use lambskin condoms?
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