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  1. Crests. nick311 vs. ceolsige
  2. I was right handed only for 6 months of my life.
  3. Why buy it from retail? You can get one on eBay and cheaper....
  4. You really don't want to know.

  5. I almost died this weekend, so I might just rather spend these weekdays being a good boy at home instead in order to avoid any traps out there.

  6. This is one of those cliched Kelsie's quotes: In Soviet Russia, procrastination doesn't believe in you!

  7. Chris you have to stop being so intellectual, I know that it's hard to find people with common interests in order to have any hope at all, but it's equally important to accept people with different interests too. Be intellectual, but don't always expect that from others; the fact that you know at your age who Sisyphus and Persephone were just blew my fucking mind away.
  8. I'm fine, just catching up with my summer work and doing chores, and you?

  9. http://www.examiner.com/x-57244-Stockton-Headlines-Examiner~y2010m8d3-Solar-Tsunami-reported-to-blast-Earth-NASA-spots-solar-eruption-headed-towards-the-planet
  10. http://www.crunchgear.com/2010/08/03/u-s-congressman-calls-for-execution-of-wikileaks-whistleblower/
  11. :laugh1: I once dreamt that Reilly was actually a man inside of a woman and viceversa. Is that weird enough?

  12. It's pretty much the same thing in the US, healthcare is expensive even with a very good (and costly) insurance. Private and public post-secondary education is out of reach for most families, and unemployment keeps rising as well as the number of foreclosed homes. I don't really know what exactly defines happiness in people when you see all this kind of suffering and limitation.

  13. Come on man, aren't you in college? It's a fucking paradise in there if you really care to look around. It wouldn't hurt to try with a few mediocre girls first, acquire the experience, and then move on to something at your standardized level. Remember, you have to first eat raw meat before you eat the Filet Mignon.
  14. Yeah they were the facepainted kids in the Kids video. If you read their whole life stories you will realize why they're as cool as tits.
  15. Chris is joking, I'm sure he has had more than enough skin-to-skin action during the past months than any of us would have throughout a lifetime.
  16. You are a MGMT die hard fan and you don't know who Rafael and Abby are?
  17. Didn't NumbersGirl get the Parachutes Globe? Where's the thread for that?
  18. You should drop a visit to Rafael and Abby sometime you know, they're as cool as tits.
  19. Three relationships in the past six months? He's definitely a leg seeker.
  20. He needs it, but I'm exempt. Could a mod please move this thread to the lounge games section? Viri?
  21. Gee, you take the time to post a bunch of replies but you don't bother to see to whom you're responding? She's not Lore.
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