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  1. Is there a better quality version around somewhere?
  2. I'm pretty sure coldplaymom meant Steve liked Coldplay, not that he was sexually attracted to men. Considering this is a fansite about Coldplay, a 4 male-member band, "the boys" can be rightly assumed to be Coldplay. No where does anyone say anything about homosexuality.
  3. Hi, I've searched the forum for this, but I couldn't find it, so if it's already been posted, please point me in the right direction :) So I'd like to learn this... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTEKsbLl64w]YouTube - Chris Martin--Yellow (piano version)[/ame] I feel like this would be pretty easy to learn, so if anyone has some sheet music for this version or a video, that'd be great :)
  4. I just want to start out by saying I'm not advertising/selling anything, just looking for an honest opinion. I'm thinking about selling my Macbook so I can buy one of the newer ones. Problem is, I haven't sold anything of this much value before, so I was wondering if anyone had some idea what it is worth. The Details: Black Macbook (Late 2007) 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1 GB RAM 160 GB HDD OS X Leopard iLife '09 (pre-installed) iWork '09 (no CD) Microsoft Office 2008 Adobe Photoshop CS4 (no CD) Final Cut Express (no CD) It's in pretty good shape for a 2+ years old computer.
  5. is it me or have those prices been around for awhile? I thought they would restock everything during the Latin America tour, but for a long time now, all the shirts have been either small or XL :(
  6. nam42

    LP5's Style?

    as long as we get a track with Will singing, i'm a happy man
  7. my lucky number in a chinese fortune cookie was 42... before I looked at it I had a feeling it was gonna be there
  8. I would love for Will to have a solo record. DWNC and The Goldrush are really amazing (I wish he had a part in Spanish Rain...) He has a very "friendly" voice, even though he is the frightening one. I'd also love for Guy to sing, as he's the only one in the group who hasn't (I think?).
  9. They better be prepared for a whole heck of a lot of disappointment with that huge/big-name "wish list". That page is a load of false PR hoping to drum up excitement with big names.
  10. Oracle did say he and R#42 would be looking through various lenses from the Latin America shows, and so far we've only gotten the usual pictures in blog updates and an unexpected song performance. I'm 99% sure there's gonna be at least a live release like the 2006 Toronto show
  11. And I thought I was the only one... +1 member
  12. Just a lot of synths and stuff you can hear on multiple songs. I remember Chris saying that they built the Beehive and/or Bakery so they could all face each other when playing, to make it more personal and "organic". And that during the production of X&Y, they were usually in separate booths, detracting from the experience.
  13. Everything about them is so personal; their down-to-earth/modest attitude, hand-written thank-you's, letting fans take over parts of the site (Exhibition Room, Oracle), blogs from R#42, meaningful songs (unlike mainstream pop today...), their charity work (Jonny auctioning his beloved guitar is so awesome), giving away a free CD just for being a fan, I could go on forever! For me, they've changed a lot about me; I've taken up a lot of the band's modest personality, I believe in Chris's devotion to certain causes, I've taken up learning piano, and I think more importantly, I no longer care w
  14. http://www.wickedlocal.com/norwood/news/x958823107/Westwood-mourns-high-schooler-killed-in-Norwood-crash That link is the best so far. It's really depressing at school now. I just want to get this out there and make people realize you only have one life, so make the best of it. Only the good die young, R.I.P Paul, Westwood loves you and misses you
  15. This happened a year ago, but when I got out of the hospital after a very painful week, the second I got in the car, Yellow started playing on the radio. That pretty much made up for my appendix bursting
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