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  1. They don't come back to tour until April, and they just did the Charlie Brown music video. And they also have other smaller things coming up like the Grammys, ect. So what are they doing exactly with all this time? Are they working on new music? Maybe an EP?
  2. How the hell can you think these lyrics are bad??
  3. car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids car kids and car kids.
  4. I liked the recording from T in The Park because it sounded more distant and less intimate than the album version. Does anyone feel the same about this? Still love the album version though...
  5. Clocks wasn't in the top ten? I always hear from people how that song was all over the radio when it came out...
  6. Agreed. Probably the most dull Coldplay song I've ever listened to. It fits nowhere on the album.
  7. Madison is definitely closer to Chicago, but I'd suggest going to both shows. ;)
  8. "We'll be glowing in the dark." So simple yet beautiful. I love Charlie Brown <3
  9. I was wondering the exact same thing. they shouldn't get ride of that as that animation is what makes Hurts Like Heaven. I mean who else would think of featuring something like that in their concerts?
  10. To all complaining about the short show: This was the way the early gigs were back on the VLV tour. By the time they were playing america and stadiums in the summer of 2009, then they had the shows that were 2 hours long with 25 songs in the set.
  11. No it hasn't been confirmed by Parlophone or EMI or Coldplay or anyone that has to do with the band. Just because some Dutch people say it's at #19 doesn't mean it has been released yet.
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