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  1. So, so happy I received my card early this week together with a "mountain of chocolate"...! Thanks to the beautiful Dany93 for her amazing gift! Merry Coldplay Christmas everyone!
  2. Hello there Dany! Thank you so much for my beautiful card and the amazing gift! I really love chocolate! Have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful 2014! Best wishes and lots of love!

  3. Hey I read your message, I'm glad you got both cards! Good luck on your exams I'm sure you did it great! Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014 full of lovely surprises. Best of luck!

  4. So glad the card found its way to you. Merry Coldplay Christmas!!!
  5. So glad you like it! Merry Christmas!

  6. Last week I did send my card, the thing is, I never told Santa about it. Sorry. So you know my Secret-Santa-Coldplay- Christmas-Card it's in its way. :D
  7. Why does it sound like 'Moving To Mars' to me?
  8. :dance: Hey... glad you like the card...! :dance:
  9. Hi Rie! :dance: Happy Birthday!!! :dance: I really wish you the best. May life give you more wonderful things!!!

  10. So happy, way too happy....! my card is here...! thanks to Marija (coldarija) for the beautiful christmas card and the amazing letter...!
  11. Here it is...I finally made my choice...from 'No more keeping my feet on the ground' from the Safety EP, to "Now my feet won't touch the ground" from Strawberry Swing...at the end I got what I wanted...!
  12. Hi Ttristan! Thank you so much for the beautiful card, I receive it today...you made my week...! I'm really glad you're seeing Coldplay before Christmas...! I'll have to wait till summer of 2012, hopefully one day before my birthday! Till then I'll still enjoying the album. Have a very Merry Christmas...! Lots of love, Nayelli.

  13. Lore, I send my card today, a lil early, just in case...!

  14. Yes, thank you. I'm already working on my card, i let you know the day I send it. ;)

  15. Hopefully this 70 Christmas cards will arrive on time this year... :)
  16. Oh, wow...so should I say that I like sex and snowflakes...? :D ...Hello everyone, I'm Nayelli by the way...
  17. Nice...! PM sent today...hopefully this will be another great Secret Santa...!
  18. It is true that thing about "fancy" TVs the show was amazing even on it...but I guess it was more marvelous right on the Glastonbury field...
  19. I'm really happy to hear news from you and know that you're doing ok. It's amazing just to remember what happen, but lets just hope that everything will be alright. Take care. Nayelli

  20. Hey Rie, I'm terrible sorry for all the crazy stuff that is happening, please let us know if you and your family are alright.

  21. Hello there...! So, how's 2011 treating you so far...? Hope you're doing ok, take care.

  22. So I wonder... Did everyone got their christmas card already...???
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