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  1. Just heard it... wowwwww! Totally agree with all the comments so far. Has a real classic sound about it. Also agree it has a real feel of bowie about it, for me more so than pink floyd, but then that could be the spacey strings and the magical guitar work from Jonny. I wonder if the EP is going to be an excerpt from the album, in which case surely this track has to feature, or if it's like a bonus extra to it, in which case i'm excited about the songs we haven't yet heard. Such a shame about the studio version of MM. Grrr! Damn you Eno!! I know, I know - let it go! Either way this
  2. agree with the major-ity of posts so far! (see what I did there!) - Live version p*sses all over the studio one. Really not a fan of the studio one at all. Studio F mInus!! Live - A+ = overall score for the song of 8.. Don't let Eno tinker with the good stuff boys!! We really don't want to hear news in a few years that you're writing the music for Twilight - the musical!! Leave that dirge stuff to U2 please!
  3. finally saw Black Swan last night, really quite something 9/10 I haven't seen all the other female perfs that are up for best actress but surely Natalie Portman must take it for the role of Nina. She made me feel uncomfortable for the whole thing. Stunning.
  4. Eclipse: 1/10 - i don't think i have ever come out of the cinema so utterly annoyed with the crap that was shown on the screen. Wife promised me it would good as it had some cool fight scenes in the book. She was almost as disappointed as me. Never wanted to ask for a refund as much in my life. The only 1 point was the actor that played Jasper was pretty good and some of the Cullens were good. Of course i'm not counting R Pats in that tho! My turn next : Bring on Inception i cannot wait!
  5. Hey Pete! oh geez, it's absolutely no problem about the card - it was a great surprise last week! :) I wonder if it typically takes a month to get to Boston from where you are! thanks again though - it really was a fun surprise! I looked at your wedding pictures and LOVED them. Looks like a beautiful ceremony and that everyone had so much fun! those little kids in all of the pictures are absolutely adorable and you and your new wife looks so happy - congratulations. How did the playing of "reign of love" go over in the church - its such a sweet beautiful little songs i just love it - i'm sure it worked wonderfully. :) did anyone notice that it wasn't the traditional wedding march? Congratulations again - thanks for the card and thanks for sharing your pictures :).

  6. Hiya! Wow the card took a long time to get there, i'm so srry it was late! Thanks for your congratulations, we had a lovely day. I managed to not cry when i heard the entrance music (intro to reign of love!) even though i felt myself going at the rehearsal the day before! I was really pleased as Lou had warned me not to cry and be the strong one - which i was! haha. Wembley was utterly amazing - i do hope that we get a dvd before long it's been promised for ages hasn't it. I'll post a pic on here soon of the wedding - but if you want to have a look through yourself - we got the note yesterday that the photos are ready! - its at http://bit.ly/76K03O - password is lp30 (lowercase L) - thanks for the message and sorry again that it was late x Pete [/FONT]

  7. Hi Secret Santa! - got your note today - thanks so much it was great! Congratulations to you and your wife on your wedding which I think happened almost a month ago now, eh?. Reign of Love is beautiful and I'm sure it will made your ceremony extra special since you both must be great fans! I've been hearing wicked awesome things about that Wembley gig - glad you had such a blast but I am of course bitterly jealous! THANKS again for the note - it was such a surprise to see it today. Hope you had a great New Years and congratulations to you and your wife :)

  8. 1. Muse- The Resistance 2. Noah and the Whale - The First Days of Spring 3. Florence and the Machine - Lungs 4. Arctic Monkeys - Humbug 5. The Temper Trap - conditions 6. Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum 7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz 8. Red Light Company -Fine Fascination 9. Hockey - Mind Chaos 10. Michael Buble - it's time (my guilty pleasure for this year that will probably lose me tonnes of street cred!)
  9. Please check your PM's for a Secret Santa update :elf:

  10. I was hoping to get a CD but we didn't have any at our exit :(
  11. I'm back! feet aching, throat sore, eyes red raw - but what an effing awesome gig! GA were plain awful - Sarah was definately on something, very reminiscent of Robbie pre: the Leaving Take That" announcement (hmmm i wonder...) anyway everything else was fantastic. Generally speaking i think the sound quality at Wembley Stadium is not the best, but it didn't spoil it for me. Jay Z was fab. Totally worked the crowd up into a frenzy - I loved the new song from Blueprint 3 as well, "New York" - female singer that does the vocal on that had an amazing voice. Then before you know it the sound
  12. Hi all. On the way to wembley now ! Ridiculously excited for the gig. I've got my coldplaying yellow tee with me and only 2 stops from Liverpool Street :) See you there!
  13. woo hoo! I'm back! Just wanted to say that my "yellow" tee has arrived this morning! What with the post strikes i'm amazed! Soo excited now! Only 5 days to go peeps! :D
  14. cheers for that Mr Nick, i'll have a look and see online.
  15. any examples of the "fairly expensive" shop - i generally would only stick to the topman/river island/burtons and dare i say it... Primark!
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