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  1. oh my GOD I laughed when I saw your signature :laugh3: Michael Scott :heart:

  2. happy birthday!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!:dance::kiss::hug:

  4. Happy birthday, dear! Have a great one! :kiss:

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :wacko: HAVE A GOOD ONE :kiss:

  6. You reached 492 points, so you achieved position 986 of 794000 on the ranking list You type 615 characters per minute You have 116 correct words and you have 0 wrong words Ooh, top 1,000! :) I... I type a lot. >.>
  7. rofl ^ This is getting dirtier... And not in the fun meaning of the word. :<
  8. Aww, a lot of people are harsh to anyone who covers a Coldplay song on American Idol. I support anyone on the show who does a Coldplay song - it shows they have amazing taste! If I, for one, was on the show (not that I ever would... eek) I would definitely choose some Coldplay just because I love the music and would like to sing it. :P
  9. Also: Chris' acoustic guitar playing in Shiver is pretty awesome too!
  10. Aww, that's so lovely! :heart: I hope you're feeling better now. Their songs comfort me when I get upset as well, especially Parachutes.
  11. Lol, I'm sorry but... Will in Politik? Honestly, all he does in that song is beat the drums with extra strength and loudness. There's nothing really skilfull or impressive in what he does in that song. :P However, I think he's great in Shiver. And I love Guy's bassline in God Put A Smile Upon Your Face. It's fabulous. Umm... Postcards From Far Away from Chris, obviously. Beautiful piece. And Jonny... hmm I guess it would have to be the guitar riff in the chorus of Lovers in Japan. Great stuff!
  12. Haha; but aw, that's sad. ): Mm, I thought I would be able to stay awake and sane easily, as I'm used to not getting a lot of sleep. But that second night just wrecked me... I started seeing things, hearing things. And they weren't the nicest things, either. D: NEVER AGAIN. Anywho, maybe this year I'll go the 'No Coldplay' route. Or, uh. No technology. Damn that would kill me. @[email protected]
  13. Dude, that is WEAK. I gave up sleeping for the 40 hour famine. ... I ended up hallucinating at 36 hours. Does that make me the weak one? @[email protected]
  14. OH MY GOD THAT ALBUM LOOKS EPIC. <333 Too bad my parents would NEVER let me use their credit card... ever. Argh. I can use my own money, I just need a way to do it! So frustrating! :[ I noticed a few of the tracks are similar to some I already have. "Antlers", "A Quiet Corner"... are they the same ones as the Mp3s already released? :thinking:
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