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  1. now that i've heard the studio versions of all songs here's the first impressions.. also note that just cause i rank a song last does not mean i don't like it, i think every song on this album is actually pretty good (something rarely found in 2014 music..) anyways here we go... Always In My Head Another's Arms Ink O Midnight A Sky Full of Stars Oceans Magic True Love also, is anyone else having a weird time with the outro solo on 'true love'? i like the last little quick bit but the first notes just sound wrong? idk clearly jonny's not playing the wrong notes but they seem like
  2. another's arms always in my head a sky full of stars oceans o (simply because we haven't heard the whole thing yet, could easily change) midnight magic (i'll slip in true love and ink when the album leaks -- hoping for this friday)
  3. i hate judging things solely on previews, but this is awesome thanks for the peeps who posted 'em!
  4. hi -- not sure if this matters, but i'm pretty sure that jonny plays a stratocaster for HLH, so you might want to try that instead of a tele if you're really gunning for that sound
  5. Tough one, but I had to go with CSC cuz it's so underated
  6. They have the strings during The Scientist (or at least some synthy type thing that fills the song out). Listened to the T In the Park live version early today.. Random question: does anyone know the type of drum pad that Will used on the B-Stage?
  7. those are all pretty sick :) does painting them affect the tone at all?
  8. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm pretty sure Chris has said he doesn't want to play Warning Sign ever again, he thinks it's boring and puts the crowd to sleep (which is a real shame because I love it and think it's an amazing song)
  9. Pure awesomeness, I wanna go make a pair just like them now haha
  10. The amount of references to Car Kids is infuriating! Why can't they just release it??!
  11. this is soo frustrating!!! if they all like it so much why don't they just play it??
  12. 1 A Hopeful Transmission >> 2 Don’t Let It Break Your Heart 3 Clocks 4 Paradise 5 Brothers & Sisters 6 Speed of Sound 7 Lost! 8 Warning Sign 9 Moses 10 Fix You 11 Mylo Xyloto >> 12 Hurts Like Heaven 13 Shiver 14 Glass of Water 15 The Scientist 16 Lovers In Japan 17 See You Soon 18 Us Against The World 19 Viva La Vida 20 Charlie Brown 21 Death And All His Friends ==ENCORE BREAK== 22 Swallowed In The Sea 23 Parachutes >> 24 Yellow 25 Up With The Birds (I'm not saying this will ever happen, just that it would be awesome if it did, and it would be
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