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  1. Happiest person on earth. 24-06-2016 @ Amsterdam ArenA

  2. I think it will be a bit like Atlas: a bit mysterious, but not too much.
  3. http://musescore.com/wjw42-t/atlas Does this help you?
  4. F# C#m B D sounds pretty good in the chorus
  5. No, he really plays a tele. Where have you seen him playing a strat on hurts like heaven. He plays a tele in Live 2012.
  6. I have a pic: This is my favorite guitar type and this viva guitar is my favorite guitar. I'm going to buy a tele thinline 72 when i have enough money
  7. you know what i mean. and 1100 dollars is not 4000 euros.
  8. I'm trying to make a MIDI of Hurts Like Heaven, but none of the guitars i can use in my program sound good to the song. Can anybody who owns a telecaster (maybe a thinline 72) record the sound like it was used on the album and live? It'll help me very much. I only need 1 tone because i can edit it.
  9. http://http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/c/coldplay/the_goldrush_crd.htm This is the right one
  10. I would like to know that too! Btw, the other guy is Johnny.
  11. I think it is a Gibson Blues King, i saw this thread: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-58813.html Can anybody confirm this?
  12. In the video of Lovers in Japan plays Jon an acoustic guitar. You can also see that guitar at the next image. htbackdrops.com/v2/albums/userpics/10016/Coldplay~1.jpg I got the question: what type of guitar is it, and where is it now?
  13. Look what the Oracle said today: February 18, 2013 - submitted by Jericho, United States of America Q. Hello Do you know what the model is for Chris Martin's Martin guitar? Thanks The Oracle replies: No, but luckily I know a man who does. Thanks to the knowledgeable Hoppy (Chris' guitar tech for those who don't know) for this very comprehensive answer. "On the MX tour he was playing Martin D-15 M's (FYI: D= dreadnought body shape/ number = style, the higher the number the more fancy appointments, binding, inlays etc/ M= mahogany). He used six or seven in a show, set up for dif
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