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  1. For me, Amazing Day is one of the 3 best songs on AHFOD, along with Everglow and Up&Up. It has a great melody. I love the waltz tempo on it.
  2. Recent songs (since 2011) with Oldplay vibes : UFO Moving to Mars Always In My Head Oceans O All Your Friends Ghost Story Everglow
  3. I agree with that. The boys are at a peak of their carrer and they can't stop making music now. Plus the inspiration is still there. I think that they will take a break next year though, and come back to the studio in 2019. As for the next tour, I'm sure they will find new ideas for more spectacular shows. Remember that MX shows were impressive and everybody at that time was wondering if they could do better. They did with AHFOD tour. I'm sure they can go further for the next era tour. "Good things are coming our way" !
  4. I really hope we'll have The Scientist on the live album this time. Never understood why they skipped this song on all the previous live albums
  5. I just found out more differences : The background instrumental during the 2nd verse on the YTB version (from the 1'43 to 2'18 mark) is slightly different from the EP version. I hear a sort of flute in the background The "tell your leader, sir or ma'am..." part is more clearer on YTB. On the YTB version there's an extra "just an alien" between the "of the spacetime " and "turning toward it" lines
  6. On Twitter someone pointed out a similarity between MSS intro and the beginning of a song called "Pieces" by Tamar Braxton. I didn't know this song nor singer but the resemblance is quite obvious
  7. I also was sure that some new songs would be played in Paris but nothing happened[emoji15][emoji15] I imagined Kaleidoscope songs, Fun debut with Tove Lo, Army of One... But no !
  8. For now it's : 1. Hypnotised - 10/10 2. Miracles (Someone Special) - 9/10 3. A L I E N S - 9/10 4. All I Can Think About Is You - 8/10 5. Something Just Like This - 7/10
  9. It is done on purpose. I find it pretty annoying !
  10. When you launch the app you have the same sound than the extended intro
  11. The intro is sounds taken from the Hypnotised App !!
  12. For me not including MTM in MX was a sacrilege lol but I do understand the band's decision because it's very different from the other songs. If ALIENS was finished before MX release I'm sure it wouldn't have been included neither.
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