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  1. Thanks for the links Christa ;) Cool, the song can be listened to worldwide via npr :nice: :nice: Plus there are comments from Zach Braff, I love his voice! You took the words right out of my mouth :D
  2. :lol: :thumbsup: (only smileys 'cause words I wanted to use to describe this were already taken :lol:)
  3. Nice one Batman :lol: (Jonny's eyes in the 2nd picture: they're saying leave me alone now :lol:)
  4. Deirdre

    The song Game!

    Everything's Not Lost - Coldplay
  5. Politik 11 Death And All His Friends 9 Don't Panic 5 Violet Hill 15
  6. Swallow. Dried cranberries?
  7. Yes, the movie's soundtrack, I read about that in this thread a few hours ago and totally forgot about it :facepalm:, red fish memory I tell you :lol: I can wait a little longer than others then :D Thanks for the reminder ;)
  8. Thanks for the info ;) And what do you do when you don't have an iTunes account and don't planed to create one ? :( (it's the same issue with the ASFOS EP, only available on iTunes!).
  9. Lucky you!!! In the meantime, I read your reviews and the others of that gig: thank you for sharing :wacky: Edit: It was like an early birthday gift to yourself :nice:
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