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  1. This message is popping up on facebook the last weeks
  2. Is there a official reissue of the blue room on 2 7"vinyl's ? Edit. It's the version out of the singles box. Thanks
  3. Got my copy last wednesday. Sticker on vinyl version shows play on 45rpm but that needs to be 33. I love it though. Nice one
  4. Hard to understand why coldplay and Tove lo do not perform Fun. Is it that hard to play live?
  5. Wow. I'm sure he will like it. Took my eight year old to his first concert this march. Was an amazing night. Not coldplay but thats next on the list :-) Enjoy the show
  6. Someone filmed the whole concert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeflbjZEwAI
  7. Would like to see the video. Maybe there's someone here who can rip the audio of your recording if that's ok?
  8. It was an amazing night in Frankfurt. From the above setlist Birds wasn't played. Chris started when will starts drumming so i thought it would come but they continued with God put a smile on your face. It had to be restarted because of the smoke. Charlie Brown was restarted as well because chris wanted everyone to put down the phones.. On the c stage don't look back in anger was played. Then Chris asked the crowd if they wanted them to play the song completely or play don't panic. Don't panic was played en then green eyes instead of trouble. Came home in the netherlands at 4:15 in the morn
  9. Did they performe the exact set on both nights?
  10. Could be Lisbon but i think they will go to south america
  11. Only first evening. Big group of people :-) Same stadium only different area's
  12. Ordered 8 tickets for frankfurt. First four arrived last friday. Second four arrived yesterday
  13. Got tickets for Frankfurt. We want to go with 8 persons so someone else used my ticketmaster account with a different cc. Is that a problem?
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