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  1. OMG its been a long time now since ive posted! Im Reading the Pendergast series right now which I think is intelligent a true great read.. Ive just read Brimstone Last month ive read Cabinet of Curiosities, Still Life WIth Crows and Brimstone , hope to read the other storeies next!
  2. Inception , i think is overated, i dont know I thought it lacked more film time, Shutter Island for me is stilll the contender fr the year so far,.... Shutter Island for an Oscar for Leo insead of Inception lol
  3. DUH , Spain won alreadyy... :( Netherlands better try your best in 2014 to go to the finals and win the world cup this time
  4. No one is weird , you just think your weird but your actually not, 'weird' is not the term every1 has something weird to them
  5. I compleely agree as well as my last post with this movie, leo knows how his acting chops go, and is very convincing love the plot :D
  6. ^ hahaa what to expect with that kind of movie RUn Lola Run 10/10
  7. ^ yeah lcuk isnt on his side, It must be the engineer's fault alonso, just wants to push and do his best well, unfortunately his car cant handle it, hes a great driver btw his engine sucks only and cant handle him
  8. Hi GUys ive been here for a long time in this forum I think it has been 2 years since ive been changing usernames, I handle the F1 thread which i dont know what is happening to it right now and if people still go there, well Im jjust made this thread bcoz im turning 19 or am 19 right now and just would like to tell you how aweome this forum has been though lately i havent visited here for long due to busy schedule:D,, well guys Good luck! and hopefully my next years will be more fruitful, and i would love to meet new people here with inteeresting personalities and interests, more would be fun :D and sharing our common love for Coldplay :D , KUDOS!
  9. Nah, its alright the story is incredibly amazing..... how can someone think of such a plot - well the book did but the movie just made it clearer
  10. Brandon one of my musical idols next to Chris Martin Heard hes making a solo album --- CANT WAIT~! and yeah he deserves a thread as Chris has millions here for himself!
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