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  1. Uh. We haven't talked in like what... 5 YEARS ?! Fuckin shit. I'm so sorry This site sure has changed. I don't find myself really well #oldgrandpalostinnewtechnologiesmode It's so fucking cringy cause I don't even know how to write a private message : | But hey. If you still wanna talk Thalia here's my facebook www.facebook.com/termodynamika I probably won't log on this site for another 5 years so :D

  2. Hahaha. Oh my God, I'm so sad that this thread isn't so popular. I'd like to wish really the very best to Will. Though this year I won't really celebrate His birthday, I'm still thinking about Him and look forward to seeing/hearing Him if God will be generous or if the next album will come out. You are the best. And I mean the best of the best. A continuous inspiration. I love You man. And now I'm going to create one of the most beautiful posts ever Thanks to the blog I stumbled upon many months ago. Those pictures are really
  3. This is just amazing. Wow such an accuracy. Great talent. By the way, long time no see Thalia : D I'm glad, I mean I'm GLAD AS FUCK I managed to win the competition. I won the Live 2003 with Will's signature. I'm so depressed lately because of a lot of bad memories and relationship and blah blah and this is like a really big recompense. Kind of. Geez I want to hug Will so much.
  4. It's such a shame that I don't have much time this days. Yet, I still think this is the greatest thread ever and it will always be. I missed it. I missed you. I missed Him. Will looks fantastic. As ever. But the beard : D Wow I've never thought he'd make it this size. You just have to love this bear. Actually there's a competition on Polish forum and the reward is a Live 2003 signed by Will :stunned: I did my best, but it was very hard to express all those feelings you have for music, band, and for Will of course. Well, just have to wait for the results. And by the way... It's very co
  5. Jesus, I feel so special : D Thank You. Well you've got the point + for example he also played Jonny's part. But actually I didn't like this version. He could do a lot better and of course I missed Will in this :P But that's just my opinion.
  6. (I'm sorry I haven't replied you : ( It's just. I'm studying so fucking hard, I don't have time for anything) Already knew about it :P Can't wait! But of course... I'm afraid he won't be there for too long :( And He absolutely should! He fits it so much. He could even do naked scene with another ma... I DIDN'T SAY THAT.

  7. Actually, I just recalled that I have some Coldplay (mostly Will -.-) posters still waiting to be hanged. Wow. This is just fucking great. I missed you so much Thally bear, only you can understand me :wink3: This almost convinced me to give away that title :awesome: Oh my, I just love His muscles! Man is a legend. Unfortunately that's nothing new :( Okay, about your drawing. This is like my absolute favourite: But it's kind of stable. This contains action but is kind of small: And there are also those:
  8. Now check this epic shit out: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=95811

  9. Ahahah those pics are hillarious, oh my God I missed this thread so much. Thank You university.
  10. How can you say you don't need them. WE ALWAYS NEED WILL PICS : D Btw. I'm really looking forward to see your full painting. You're right, the shirt is great and it looks wonderful on Him. I don't really understand why I'm actually reading this thread while listening to 10 hours version of Lana Del Rey's My Pussy Tastes Like Pepsi Cola instead of working. This is sick.
  11. To me Will IS 100% perfect. But it's not about finding someone ideal in every inch but someone that would be perfect just for you. I mean my kind of ex wasn't really my type or something but that actually made it so special. And that's when magic happens. Will is like my hmm authority something that I always look up to and follow. Something that gives direction and shape to some things. His like my musical dad :D I would really love to meet the guy. He seems to have the warmest heart of them all. Wow, maybe in 1000 years I will be able to achieve something and then be friends with Him : D
  12. Which one is you Moses? My friend's original song, just listen to this: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqJsUTWomDA]Yann Mohr - Curious Ape - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Wow, that was one of the best picspams ever : D ! I feel so weird. You surprised me with most of those pictures but mostly I'm just sitting and watching them "Oh I remember that one!" "Love it, when did I last saw it?" "This is great almost forgotten that one". I feel like I've already seen almost every picture of Will Champion. That is sick. Well, His left hand...?
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