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  1. Just wondering, how do we know this is the GS version?
  2. Anyone worried about thunderstorms cancelling these shows possibly?
  3. I'm sure it's super obvious and I'm just dumb, but what does RAH stand for?
  4. Yeah. I love how James talks about how good of a song it is at the end. When it first started I wasn't sure if he knew the song or not.
  5. I...you need to leave. Now. Such blasphemy will not be tolerated.
  6. On the mylo tour they had the same packages for $200ish and $400ish.
  7. I know they do seated floors in the US usually, but they don't usually do stadiums in the US. I can't imagine they'd do stadium shows with seated floors.
  8. I can't say for sure, but seeing as this is a stadium gig there will probably be general admission on the floor for something close to $100. $26.50 is probably just the price for the shittiest seats (furthest away and obstructed view, probably behind the stage), and the $175 tickets probably come with decent seats and some goodies as a part of a VIP package. I could be completely wrong, but those are my guesses.
  9. It'd be pretty funny if they let her come all the way to meet them, and then only answered one question though.
  10. Interesting to see that they're aware that most people consider Arobtth their favorite. I feel like they avoid seeing what fans comment and it's not like interviewers ever say "hey remember your best album all those years ago?" So I wasn't entirely sure they were aware of how each album was received. Nice to see that they are.
  11. I think we're overreacting to this. The majority of people don't really care who's playing. They'll hear about it like 3 days before the game and go "Oh Cold Play is playing? Sweet, I love Wonderwall."
  12. People will hear Viva and get into it right away. If they play ASFOS or Clocks or Paradise people will love it too. I'm not too worried for them. The hate they're getting right now is from a very vocal minority who want the artists they like to be playing instead.
  13. It'll be fine. It's not like Katy Perry is an artist you expect football fans to enjoy. Any popular group can play the Superbowl. This also clears one thing up. Chris said recently that he had just watched Katy Perry's performance from the Superbowl earlier this year which seemed strange to me, but I guess it makes sense now.
  14. Question about the leak: is it good quality or would it be a worse experience than listening to the legal version?
  15. I would greatly appreciate a PM please! Thank you, kind sir.

  16. If all I knew about Coldplay was from reading these forums, I'd think they must be the worst band in the world. You people are downers.
  17. Everyone's freaking out about having Gwyneth and that model girl on the album, but it sounds to me like they just sing in the choir. I don't think Gwyneth has her own verse anywhere on this album. You'll probably never actually realize you're hearing her.
  18. I hate it when people say this. How is this true? (Hint: it's not.)
  19. People may be overreacting to Chris' Turn Down for What comment. He jokes around a lot. He really might not have meant that at all. Regardless, the rest of the band is still there to keep the music from being too poppy. I wouldn't be too worried about it yet.
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