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  1. some ink in my blood, some craziness in my mind, but i'm freaking love coldplay Hey mates! :) Just wanted to share with you that last friday finally that day has come and i made a tattoo! I've chosen 12 September as on this day in 2012 (2 years ago) i attended Coldplay concert in Munich, which was one of the greatest days of my life. Been thinking of the tattoo for quite a long time and finally decided on getting "Fix you" in Baudot code as it is my favourite song and looks incredible as well! Love it :) :x&y: Coldplay mean a lot to me. So many wonderful things wouldn't happen in
  2. Yea, the first one. not on the wrist because it's like visible and forever?)
  3. Guys, what do you think about this one? Have made it by myself, i am in thoughts to make it soon on my wrist. My life lately turned just before Ghost Stories had released, and this topic in the album is very close to me.. so thats why it's a broken heart, and the wings, that keep me alive. and in one half on everything's not lost, and on the other one - young and lovely (from Blur band)- but i still think on more other words to write there. What's your opinion about it? :rolleyes: Thanks, Margarita
  4. Heeey people!! Are u ready?? Just 2 days left! :cool: I'm from Russia, now study in Austria and i will come here! Will be very happy to meet you all that day/ Feel free to add me. http://www.facebook.com/margarita.koreneva i'm friendly =D Have good time there! Will there be Tv translation by the way?
  5. So short period of time is left for the concert!! Let's meet maybe? It's so cool to see many people at one place with the same interests in music.. Coldplay and Blur lovers! Add me if you like http://www.facebook.com/margarita.koreneva (i am very friendly. feel free to add me) if you know where damon albarn lives, message me please) See you all!
  6. Hey Guys) Today's night i will arrive to London for 6 days mostly to see Blur at Hyde Park/ Does anyone know where Damon house is? =)
  7. yeah i think so! because they promised to make a single CD so they can make it in this period of time) wish you good luck!
  8. i think he won't leave it anyway... they are friends! no commerse, Colpdlay is a story, they are more than a band. That's what i think \/\/\/\
  9. Hey here! Guys!! I think about one thing.. Yesterday i looked the tour dates and noticed : 11 August 2012: St Paul, MN - USA and nearly 2 weekes later 28 August 2012: Copenhagen - Denmark I THINK THEY WILL BE THERE during this time! ... I don't know exactly but just think: 12 august is blur concert and i think it's a duty for them to visit it and to take a rest in their hometown! So, as for me i will be in London from 11 - 16 August and i will try to visit them during this week. I think it's bettter to try) hope magic will work :) If anyone will be there, let's meet up and go
  10. Coldplay Damon Albarn (I mean Blur, Gorillaz, GBQ and all his projects) KoRn Radiohead Travis I wish i write more..
  11. have a nice weekend everyone! ;)
  12. Hey! Ah good to hear, enjoy the gig! :)

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