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  1. Your avatar is awesome!

  2. Alright, before I say my thoughts....I love Coldplay to death, and as with everyone else, new music of theirs takes some getting used to. I know I cannot judge their LP5 just based off of this song, but a song from one album can say a lot about the album as a whole. Heck, who knows, maybe next week I will be listening to this song every day and be absolutely in love with it....but as of now, I hate it. It's not Coldplay AT. ALL. It's SOOOO generational. It's conformist for the pop-culture we have in this day and age. You have this easy bubble-gum pop beat with lyrics that aren't nearly as i
  3. Happy birthday! :nice:

  4. Okay that's what I thought. I wonder why they would give away such a beautiful song like that. D:
  5. Okay, I'm sorry if this thread has already been made before, but who originally wrote "Gravity?" Was it Embrace or Coldplay? Because I was listening to the version by Coldplay, and it sounded 1,000,000,000 trillion x better (even though they usually make covers sound better than the original performer) than the one sung by Embrace. And it just sounds like a Coldplay song; like something they would have originally written. Answer?
  6. are they still going to perform??? D: it's almost the 20th, and they haven't put them on the official website!! I'm getting scarred. =[
  7. Fix You also played on the latest season of American Idol. xD
  8. I also think "Sparks" is played in the Wedding Crashers. xD
  9. Coldplay in Movies (Sorry to Mods if this is in the wrong thread placement...) Anyways...I was just wondering what are some movies/tv shows you have heard whether a Coldplay song is being played or one of the persons in the movie refer to them. I was just watching 40 Year Old Virgin, and I don't know how many of you have seen this, but basically what happens is these two guys are debating about how they know the other "is gay," and one of them is like, "Do you know how I know your gay? You like Coldplay." It kind of pissed me off. Haha.
  10. Sorry about the late reply. I like Radiohead, Snow Patrol, Biffy Clyro, Keane, Hurts. Bands like those. :cheesy:

  11. Mine, too. This was friggin' EPIC. I love this song so much.
  12. Wow. You are amazing. Probably one of the best Coldplay covers I have heard by a long shot. I cannot usually find any, and I was waiting to cover my ears, but you were great. It's hard to compare covers to Chris's voice since he has such a unique tone, but anyways- I really liked it. At some parts you were a little flat, maybe try putting a bit more soul into your singing? Nonetheless, again- this is fantastic.
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