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  1. Don't know if this has been said, but the letters MX keep popping up, and they are the Roman Numerals for 1010. Could it be that it's released on the 10th of October? (Or something to happen on that day at the very least?)
  2. It's not until 9 PM our time :/ But that's not bad for me really, usually about the time to wind down after a big day :)
  3. Just speculation (and I don't know if this has been mentioned before, and it's also a little late) butttttttttttttt on the website it has the little "MX" could that have meant the end of May? (The "M" being May and the "X" meaning the end?)
  4. 1. A Spell A Rebel Yell - It's just annoying tbh... 2. The Hardest Part - They rhymed "part" with "part" :dozey: And it just sounds silly... However, when the song is played slower (like on LeftRightLeftRightLeft), it sounds great. 3. Lhuna - Just sounds bleh for me... I honestly disagree with any collaborations with other artists on a song with coldplay... 4. Lost!, Lost-, [email protected], Lost+ - This song just sounds horrible to me. I do like Lost? however, and I wish that had've made the album... 5. What If - Too whingey... :\
  5. My list is as follows (in no particular order): - Cut Copy - Coldplay - The Temper Trap (but im almost certain they wont release til next year) - Eskimo Joe - The Killers (heres hoping? :D) - Kasabian - Owl City - Snow Patrol plus others that i will randomly find out over the course of the year :P
  6. I hear people saying 10/10/10 only happens once every thousand years? (by people, i mean on facebook :P) but seriously, once in a thousand years? I'm pretty sure it's once in a hundred...
  7. well i don't know about Chris, but Gwyneth is going to be filling in for Will for an episode :D
  8. haha :P no but seriously. Collingwood cannot win :veryangry2:
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