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  1. Your username is cool. :cool:

  2. 124 views already, and that's just on Coldplaying. Looks like there's gonna be a pretty huge queue! :/
  3. OHHHMYYGODDD I only live half an hour from Norwich; I was there yesterday!! Definitely going to this! Can't wait, thanks for letting us know! Eeeep, my first Coldplay concert, and just after the release of MX - so excited!
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzJKmUSLIRc&feature=channel_video_title]YouTube - ‪Coldplay - Up With The Birds (new song)‬‏[/ame] Could this be it? Or is it just an old song?
  5. http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/c/coldplay/us_against_the_world_crd.htm
  6. 1000-1 (Ballad Of …) Aiko Alien Radio Alive Day Arabesque Boyfriend Buzz Car Kids Cartoon Head Cartoon Heart Christmas Lights Drunks And Guns Famous Old Painters Gardeners On The Frontline Great Expectations Harbingers Of Doom Harmony Hook Up If I Ever Fall In Love Again It Was A Wonderful Day Love In A Lethal Dose Lucky Sevens Sex Violence Space Symphony Spanish Rain Wedding Bells Wilderness Wondering Star Nothing here :( Looking back, most of these titles are actually pretty terrible xD
  7. I was just about to make this! Don't Let It Break Your Heart? Or maybe someone should find that list of potential song titles he gave us a few months ago - maybe it's on there
  8. I'm sure that Will's vocals will feature more prominently on the studio recording than in the live performances... well I hope so anyway!
  9. ... according to Arcade Fire :( http://twitter.com/#!/ArcadeFireTube
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