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  1. Hey can you repost this tutorial? When I click it it just takes me to the homepage for the forums
  2. You should do a tutorial! It sounds so accurate
  3. for those who haven't hear this, chris plays Carless Whisper on piano acoustic here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=pbL2IKm9rUo;list=LLplbv8KkDkJMOEgP-AG-rNw;t=0 Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbL2IKm9rUo&list=LLplbv8KkDkJMOEgP-AG-rNw&index=8&t=0s
  4. rpindacity

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    I wouldn't be scared of that. What is more scary is if you don't fall in love with yourself
  5. Congratulations! I am too working on my album and know how much it means to the artist personally. Lots of hard work and emotions poured out into your project for sure. Looking forward to hearing it
  6. rpindacity

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  7. [MEDIA=soundcloud] [/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://soundcloud.com/howardstern/chrismartin_hymnfortheweekend - chorus
  8. Iv'e always wanged to know how to play 2:56 - 3:07 in lost acoustic after the solo... it sounds super sick
  9. I think it's understandable that Chris reacted the way he did. He is usually nice to the media but I can see how it can get old, especially if they catch you in a bad time. Not a good move, but understandable
  10. u gotta admit the production here is dope haha
  11. Sounds amazing man! That piano sounds just like Chris. I want a tutorial so bad!
  12. 1:46 - 2:25 in this song is magic. I'd love to see coldplay make something just like this (haha)
  13. R roses, closer, something just like this. I dig the songwriting on these songs, and especially the production. Coldplay has an old school style, and could use some chainsmokers modern production styles imo. But yeah most chainsmokers songs are trash. But they will stay relevant for sure
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