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  1. Huge Coldplay fan adding my thoughts. Like most people I think the early stuff is best (VLV is my favourite) but I also really enjoy their recent output. Only a few listens in so this could change but: Listening to this album made me wince, and cringe. I didn't listen to Overtura or any of the unreleased/live only songs, so was looking forward to hearing the new sounds, especially POTP, with all the praise it was getting. I was disappointed to find POTP really cringe worthy, its sounds like they tried to make a big snarling and mean rock song, but it sounds like an uninterestin
  2. Pretty dead in here now everyone has flocked to the leak forum....bet they are alll having a great time in there haha! Anyone else sticking it out til 22nd Nov?
  3. I have always listened to leaks of an album before they come out and every time I wished I held on until it came out. Gonna try and resist this time but the difficulty will be coming here and seeing everyone talk about it!
  4. Maybe we can encourage people to use spoilers when discussing it!
  5. So now that EL has seemingly leaked, can we have a different discussion thread for the leak so those of us in this thread who don't want to listen until it comes out have it ruined for us?
  6. We won't be getting an album of reworked songs from the bands past catalog. We already know that this is a new chapter for Coldplay, they won't be revisiting older tracks on this record... Like the rest of us I am feeling positive about the direction Coldplay seeming to be going with this - early days yet but I love the wedding band poster, and the track titles seem quite experimental. I really hope we get the true successor to VLV! As for those track titles/album cover they are definitely 100% legit., Amazon would not post fake material. The titles match up with those seen on the source
  7. 1 - Up&Up 2 - Birds 3 - A head full of Dreams 4 - Adventure of a Lifetime 5 - Hymn for the Weekend 6 - Amazing Day 7 - Everglow 8 - Army of One 9 - Fun 10 - X Marks the Spot
  8. Looking for 3 general admission/sanding tickets for either Lyon 8th June, or Cardiff 11/12th July. Please get in touch if anyone can help :) :)
  9. I am very excited for this show, and am going with a few of my other friends who aren't as massive fans as I am so they won't be keen on getting there super early. If we got there for around 5-6pm could we still secure a good spot? i.e. Not front rows but maybe near the B stage?
  10. The crowd seemed a little lacklustre tonight - at least from what I could tell from the periscopes.
  11. Awesome. I hope there is a part 2.
  12. haha yes please! Off topic but I think that it is criminal that Famous Old painters was not released. If I ever meet Chris that is the first thing I shall ask him. Just to remind everyone :) [video=youtube;1jvRFbfI11Y]
  13. Very true. Viva was their peak. This make me think though that there must've been stuff which didn't make it onto the last 3 albums which could've been great, and was otherwise replaced with songs which fit the theme of the album instead. And about the bad production - it baffles me how one of the biggest bands in the world ends up with terrible production. Surely they have the resources to make the best produced album possible.
  14. They've still got it in them, songs like Birds keep my glimmer of hope alive that they will make a full album with songs as good as it again
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