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  1. I dont know, somehow I expected something special to happen for their Paris gigs. Maybe doing Miracles with Big Sean, in real and not on screen. Or Hypnotised as a full band version. Or something else..... But we only got that stripped down Hypnotised. Thats it ?! Dont get me wrong, I love their shows and everything. But im a bit "surprised" nothing really exciting happened.
  2. Watched it as well.....but didnt liked it that much tbh..
  3. Putting new stuff into their well designed sets isnt something Coldplay is really good at. I dont know if they are simply too lazy, because all of their new material, except Aliens maybe, would fit nicely into their Show.
  4. Well, when their recent AHFOD Tour is over, I think it might take a long time until they go on the road again...
  5. The more I listen to it, the more the chorus lacks a bit more powerful singing. Especially the "Someone Special". It sounds so flat imho. Anyone else agrees?
  6. By the way, what Big Sean is singing concerning Oasis?
  7. It quite good. Even way too polished... BUT: Wtf, why there is no Jonny melancholic guitar riff in the end, just like in the live version?!? Thats actually a huge disappointment...
  8. A L I E N S stands on the same level as Midnight to me. Both totally unexpected, very unique and haunting. Thats what makes them two really outstanding songs in Coldplays discography. More of that, guys !
  9. So far, there isnt shown something like Front of Stage or Golden Area. So youre maybe "only" able to get in earlier. Anyway, way to expensive to pay the double prize just to get in one hour before. Called the stadium service today, they told me that.
  10. Dont know if this is the right thread, but does anyone already got the BluRay 5.1 of A Head Full Of Dreams? If so, how is it ?
  11. Short before , we probably should exchange our numbers for WhatsApp :cool:
  12. I'm starting qeueing at around 8 or 9 am. I always did for my seven previous Coldplay concerts. Its all about having some decent coffee :nod:
  13. Got my ticket as well Any ideas or suggestions about a coldplaying meeting before?! What about you, IRanAway, Nie and Flock? :cool:
  14. VIOLET HILL, HOW AMAZING THIS IS !!! But seriously, it was about time Coldplay!
  15. What about that statement posted on Coldplay/Official (a huge fansite) earlier today: Chris Martin confirmas a 'new' coldplay song and an app are in development Is it already discussed anywhere else ?!
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