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  1. Anytime :) so what kind of guitar do you have?

  2. Just playing lots of Radiohead, and learning some of the newer Coldplay.

  3. Oh welcome to Coldplaying by the way haha

  4. This conversation could be over, and much simpler if he said, "shut up". It's offensive, straight to the point, and is common. Instead, he had to show us his incredible urban dictionary skills. Score one goes to SplinterCell.
  5. Well if he meant that, then he's a cool dude.
  6. My phone has auto correct, and it sucks. I meant songs. Btw, good one.
  7. If that's what it means, then fuck you! Haha
  8. Glad I could help, btw do you learn your sings by ear?
  9. Confidence, tone, and timing. Things that you, and admittedly, I, need to work on. But you got balls for singing this one, man. Kudos.
  10. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?search=Guitar+tunings&go=Go
  11. e -- D (tune down two half steps) B -- B G -- D (tune down five half steps) D -- D A -- G (tune down two half steps) E -- E
  12. Well what does it say, are you looking at kapones tab?
  13. False, TyM. Band relies on rhythm guitar or pianist. Even handclaps, but not the drummer.
  14. Post up a video man, from one performer to another
  15. Using your guitar for any of these man?
  16. Try "For No One" by the Beatles. Great piano song
  17. Try "For No One" by the Beatles. Great piano song
  18. Thanks, I guess.

  19. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Does anyone have the tab for this song, possibly the chords that Chris plays?
  20. Hey man, haven't talked to you in a while, whats up?

  21. Well, you're left-handed, you got a left-handed guitar. And you should also watch guitar lessons with this guy. http://www.justinguitar.com/ I learned incredibly fast from this guy.
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