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  1. Releasing HFTW tomorrow (or rather today) makes sense because the 26th is when the weekend begins (for those who recognize thanksgiving holiday)!
  2. dpkekoa

    Fun (feat Tove Lo)

    The track preview has such a Canberries sound to it. I didn't listen to all the track previews (I still want some surprise) but I really love what I heard in this one!
  3. Well that was an exciting mix up! I vote ghost story.
  4. Sorry, I do like the song and I'm glad it made the top three, but I don't like it as much as midnight and fly on. I'm hoping fly on wins this. It's always been my favorite off this album because it's so simple yet heartfelt and beautifully sung.
  5. Wow! One of the band's best performances (most recently) in my opinion! Coldplay really shine through when they're singing about adversity and tough situations and take on a more melancholic approach. And Sparks! :surprised::happy2: Imagine was amazing too!
  6. This is such a tough round. All the songs are so unique and hard to compare. After much deliberation I'll vote for Atlas (because it's a movie soundtrack and not from the album).
  7. All your friends (the instrumentation sounds unoriginal, like a preloaded synth from a keyboard). And I'm surprised how a lot of people don't like magic. I think it's a great song for the fact that it's so chill. The lyrics aren't the best but it's really catchy and easy to get into. I'm never not in the mood for that song.
  8. dpkekoa


    Did Chris confirm that the last track features collaborations from Beyonce, Clayton, the band's kids, etc.? I listened to the X-Posure interview and it sounded like Chris only confirmed Noel for the last track and was referring to the whole album (not specifically Up&Up) when mentioning the other collaborators. Was there another interview I missed with more details?
  9. Not that I care how well Coldplay charts (other than to tie that record), but I figure the more preorders there are for both albums (25 and AHFOD), the better because they debut on different weeks. This way most of the people who will be buying Adele's album will have already purchased it in the first week, leaving less competition from 25 by the time AHFOD comes out. So I guess it's a good thing that 25 is on top right now.
  10. ^:laugh3:(@cp3176) Wow what a rant! I'm sorry some of your favorite songs from this era have already been eliminated but that's just the way this game works. And Fly On and O are being considered separate tracks for this elimination (it was decided in the MX elimination thread). These are the tracks left: So with that said and now that Ink is gone, someone please vote for O to save Oceans! (Interestingly though, I was looking through the lyrics for Ghost Stories on Coldplay's timeline and realized that the band consider Fly On and O to all be one song. They don't even post any lyrics fo
  11. O. Why is it still up there?! I hope everyone realizes O is different from Fly On and like 42Escapist said, just a coda.
  12. O. As enjoyable as it is, I don't think it has enough substance to be considered a song (more of just an outro). I consider it the same as MX, MMIX, and AHT.
  13. Tell me this isn't Chris: [ATTACH=CONFIG]32825[/ATTACH] That smile is totally Chris. Compare to this photo: [ATTACH=CONFIG]32826[/ATTACH] And not sure if it counts, but wasn't the AROBTTH era artwork based on headshots of the band members?
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