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  1. Wow, great show, the end was epic. About the Superbowl, anyone notice this? Dont Panic Cover in the new spot of X-Men Apocalypse
  2. Didn't catch the setlist! Do you have it? :)

    1. Fer42


      It was removed, but Up&Up, Yellow, Viva la Vida, AHFOD, Clocks, was in there

  3. Here in Mexico, Coldplay is trending topic :). Really excited about the possible setilist.
  4. They mention the participation of the pianist Khatia Buniatishvili in Kaleidoscope, and something about FUN: Tove Lo in a collaboration with Coldplay, who sing love lost, trying to cope with the power of your mind in a melodious and romantic piece.
  5. From coldplayzone: http://www.coldplayzone.it/news/esclusiva-la-ghost-track-di-a-head-full-of-dreams-non-e-alla-fine-dellalbum
  6. Coldplay, you are not a rock band, you are not a pop band, YOU ARE THE BAND. AHFOD, UP & UP, im shaking
  7. One word for describe AOAL, Unexpected, We know that A Head Full Of Dream could be dancing-electronic-pop, but this song, breaks me up, i mean, all i imagined about this , is gone, but no for bad, this makes me feels so good, is wonderful, positive, energy, i proved the song walking in the morning, sleeping in the night, every moment in the day, not change , still growing , keeps transmitting all this positives feelings, like I want to leave my room, and travel around the world, is a ode to life. I see the band today in the interviews and shows, they looks so happy, they enjoy makes this album and play the songs. I couldn't be feel so happy and my head so full of dreams.
  8. From a mexican fan on facebook, this 99% confirmed. Adventure of a Lifetime !!! i still can not find XD [ATTACH=CONFIG]32760[/ATTACH]
  9. looks real , but, it was fake, nothing happens, only 3 hours !!!:lol:
  10. The image was published by Argentina station radio, they said to me: "Mobile Spotify there is still no updated news, but the PC version there are several previews, including this" still I cant find it :\
  11. this is real? I saw this on twittert, he says that you cant play for now, but i cant find in my spotify [ATTACH=CONFIG]32758[/ATTACH]
  12. This feels like christmas in november, the wait, messages from the band, interviews, official account in Spanish, the single .... :D
  13. http://www.coldplayzone.it/news/limmagine-rappresentativa-di-a-head-full-of-dreams-e-di-pilar-zeta
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