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  1. Dear Yasuko, thank you so much - I did some more research and there is indeed some stuff that needs to go on the envelope besides the customs declaration which I had before. Like "unsolicited gift" and "exempt from prior notice (FDA). Maybe I out the non-commercial use as well just to be sure. Let#s have so much fun!!!
  2. I have participated a lot of times already and everytime I sent something to the US it did not arrive - so that is why I was interested in that special case. But thanks anyway @Yasuko
  3. Has anybody sent something from Germany to the US before and it arrived? Are there any restrictions about what to send and what not - e.g. is chocolate /Cookies allowed?
  4. Same here, I am not tracking it, as it is my neighbour country, but I posted it about 3 weeks ago. I also had two secret santas that I never heard of, not even when I sent a private message to say it was lost in transit in one of the cases.
  5. Hello everybody! I was the last one to sign on, I actually had missed the deadline … but Santa Claus was so nice as to add me on last minutes since he had not drawn the matches yet. And then I was probably the first one to receive my card and gifts! It arrived before December and I contacted AndreaF to say thanks, but it took me until now to upload and select some pictures. I got a lovely painted card in black and gold with a guitar and the text of Everyday Life, as well as artfully decorated baubles also in black and gold with Coldplay and a sun and moon emblem. Even the Christmas ca
  6. @Coeurli, I am so glad everything arrived safely. I had two secret santas in the past that did not make it to their destination, so this is very pleasant indeed. If you need a recipe for the cookie cutters please let me know!
  7. Hello everybody, my Secret Santa arrived last week already, but for the first time ever I did not open it straight away when it came. I was far too busy with other stuff and wanted to give it undivided attention. Also my family is nowadays as excited as I am, since especially my daughter gets to eat the milk chocolates that I unfortunately cannot eat :). So we agreed on a day and time that is convenient for all of us and we opened it festively on Saturday afternoon with a cup of tea! Thank you so much dear @Snowwhite for your lovely package. It was so neatly packed and beautifully decorate
  8. I know others who are older including myself and it is a lot of fun believe me. Unless parcels are lost, unfortunately …
  9. Today I have received the confirmation from postal services that the gift I had sent to the US has officially been declared lost. The last package that I had sent to the US, I think it was California as well, was also lost. I did not track that, but never heard anything back from that Coldplayer. In Germany we have carneval season at the moment, although I am not participating this year. So HELAU everybody, happy Carneval!:heart_eyes::imp::cool::gslite:
  10. maybe it is lost in transit. I have two parcels still in transit, one for over a month and one for two months now. I have let my match know so that they at least know I cared to prepare something.
  11. This card is awesome. Wow such good drawing skills!
  12. Merry Christmas everyone! My package still shows in Transit and it has reached the destination town since three weeks. This is strange. Lets hope for the best!
  13. My package received its destination town on 7th December and still shows in transit. It must be customs. I hope they release it before Christmas.
  14. On another note, I am very happy to say that I have received my package already as well. Same as last year, I was kind of worried when the doorbell rang, as I thought, who can that be, haven’t ordered anything and oh my god I hope it is not my son who has forgot that he has afternoon classes again … haha. Then it was a friendly postman handing me a package from sunny Italy. I thought this can only my secret santa!!! No way I was gonna wait to open it although it seems like a nice idea as well. I got a beautiful self-designed Coldplay Calendar, Chocolate and some lovely decorations. I really li
  15. Hi All, I have sent my package a few days ago on the 29th. It has got quite some way to go. Very exciting.
  16. Hi 9Sturdyboy, it is nice to see there are other older Coldplayers … Although I am still 15 years younger than you :)
  17. Let me tell you our story of this latest concert. First we met up with friends who live very close to the Olympic Stadium for a pre-concert drink. My husband asks the brother of his friend who got a ticket only the week before, if he has seen Coldplay live before. His answer was, I was even once on the same wedding as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. I must have sat there with my mouth wide open. He continued and said "I was actually trying to get a backstage pass yesterday but when they said, it is a bit late and guest lists have to be with photo and stuff I said, don't worry I do not want t
  18. Seeing them tomorrow in Munich Sent from my GT-I9195 using Coldplaying mobile app
  19. Who is going to the Munich concert from Coldplaying? We have seated tickets so would be cool if we could meet up with other "seated" Coldplayers for a pre-concert drink or so at a stall ...
  20. When does the first support act start? Are they any good? Never heard of them!
  21. Hi, Am I the only replying? I am going to the Tuesday concert too and I am from Passau. We got seats opposite the stage. Have you got standing tickets or seated as well? I really hope we have no bad surprises in terms of attacks or bomb warnings. I also hope they play All I can think about is you again. Mortilorie
  22. Finally found time today to listen to that new song. And I knew it was great from just the intro, hoping it would not disappoint. But no, I think it is so great, that I had to go onto Coldplaying and say so. It reminds me much of AROBTTH. It is great to hear Jonny and Will again so clearly. Chris' voice even drops a bit to the back. After all the pop which is nice and feel good music, this is a great proper old style Coldplay song again with a few new twists. Simply great!!!
  23. Hi Moniru, yes I knit and I crochet and last year I made a few things at Christmas for other people as well ... and these are not Lebkuchen, these are "Zimtsterne" but they are similar as they contain no flour and lots of almonds, but the spice is only cinnamon and they have got an eggwhite/sugar covering. Diogo_Sg got Lebkuchen this year :)
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