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  1. Is people of the pride the finished version of the man who swears, the viva la vida demo!?
  2. I've heard the full song, but here's a snippet Coldplay posted on TikTok. Despite it being VERY Newplay, I absolutely love it.
  3. Does anyone know the meaning behind coloratura? It feels like it’s about someone who is in love with the idea and feels the need to go explore the universe but with today’s technology restraints they can’t do that and for now all they have is that person they love on the planet they’re on. What does everyone think?
  4. It looks like the infinity song is out in certain countries. (See picture with the download icon next to the song) Has anyone had a chance to listen?
  5. Fun little tidbit but I was watching Drake and Josh "Who's Got Game?" and the Speed of Sound single can be seen in the top right corner, I'd never noticed it before! Haha
  6. Hopefully this was just a very rough practice version because it didn't sound very put together.
  7. Looks like the guys have been practicing All I Can Think About Is You during a soundcheck
  8. Could someone recored their vinyl version and upload it?
  9. I'm in school too so I get where you're coming from. That's awesome, I've wanted to learn that one for a while now! I'll be checking your channel when they come out for sure. There's a lot of great piano bits on AHFOD! You should definitely cover Magic at some point. I cannot seem to find a tutorial anywhere on the piano chords in the song. People just tend to only play the lyrics on piano instead of the actual song bits. Anyway, thanks again and hope to see some of your new work soon!
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jff59GMPxyY Sorry for the double post but I was listening to Shiver with vocals only. Although it sounds AMAZING, I came across a funny little tidbit. At 3:01 you can hear Chris Martin clear his throat. It's unnoticeable with all the background instruments but I thought I'd share because I find it quite interesting it wasn't edited out or something. I guess this is one example of some mistakes that the guys wish they could fix in rerecordings.
  11. Thanks a ton. Also, if you're the same Coldplaykb on Youtube, thank you so so much for making Coldplay tutorials. You're basically the reason I can play Coldplay piano. I hope some day you post some AHFOD tutorials. Your videos make learning Coldplay really simple; you're a great teacher man!
  12. Have you made more? If so can you post them! I love to just listen to Chris's voice without the backround noise.
  13. Maybe I meant vocal polishing. Vocally Chris sounds different, not in the sense that he is using a different vocal range to sing, rather the sense that his voice almost seems to emit an electronic sound when singing the song. When he sings some lines it just sounds like his voice has been tampered with to sound perfect. Maybe it has just been polished or something. Now this isn't to say that the song is bad because of this, it's just a little different to hear because it sounds less raw. I know this isn't a comparison but if you compare Army of One to Viva La Vida, you can hear how much more r
  14. Is the production a little different for Army of One? It sounds like maybe some autotune was used. If so it doesn't bother me but it's just different for Coldplay. I really love that song though. Honestly one of their best in years. Lyrically pleasing, melodically beautiful, and just a wonderful piece of music. Even if autotune was used I'm more than happy with the song. This song proves Coldplay can still put out a great song.
  15. Hey guys, I've been following this thread for a while and just haven't really posted anything. Personally, I love the album and think it's one of their best since Viva but do agree that production has really ruined the thing. I'm trying to look past it though and see the songs for what they really are and find depth in them even though some of them sound like Stargate and CM. Do you guys detect the use of heavier auto-tuning? I was under the impression Chris didn't use any auto-tuning but it sounds extremely prevalent on Army of One...
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