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  1. Unknowingly being the worst singer in the world and therefore constantly singing in front of people would be awful. :lol: So I'm gonna have to go with being the best singer in the world with the horrible stage fright. xD So even though it would be extremely embarrassing to faint every time I go to sing in front of anyone, at least I would still be the best singer in the world. :laugh3: sq
  2. London, without a doubt!!!! :D sq
  3. Radiohead: 1. Paranoid Android 2. Nude 3. There, There 4. No Surprises 5. Lucky 6. Karma Police 7. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 8. Fake Plastic Trees 9. The Trickster 10. Reckoner 11. Morning Bell 12. Down Is The New Up 13. Climbing Up The Walls 14. Give Up The Ghost 15. Faust Arp 16. Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong 17. Let Down 18. We Suck Young Blood 19. 4 Minute Warning 20. Last Flowers *Edit: Perhaps not in this exact order, but these are the top 20 songs I'd most love to get live. :nod:
  4. Definitely keep a good friend and gain an enemy. :nod: Would you rather have to go without TV for a month or books for a month?
  5. Hi Shawn! Welcome to Coldplaying!! :D
  6. Welcome to Coldplaying, Jessica!! :dance:
  7. Yeah, it sucks. :confused: But on the bright side, it did let me listen to Little Soldiers and Hope For An Angel just now! :D They're both absolutely amazing songs, but I think Hope For An Angel immediately just became one of my top Biffy songs. :nod: It's SO great! Thanks for the suggestions! : )

  8. Congratulations on seeing Muse next month!! :dance: You will be absolutely amazed by this tour, I assure you! :dazzled: And yes, I have had the honour of seeing Coldplay live once, on June 22nd of 2012! It was one of the best days of my life!! :heart: Have you ever seen Coldplay live? :)

  9. Yeah, I'm so happy with my job! :) I just listened to the Biffy b-sides and oh my gosh they're so awesome!! :awesome: I especially loved The Rain & City of Dreadful Night. :cheesy: But when I went to bring up Watch & Fingerhut, it said: "This song is not available for listening in your country." :angry: At least I got to hear City of Dreadful Night, The Rain & Milky though. They're amazing! :D And speaking of Biffy, I've been meaning to say that I like the Opposites album cover avatar change you made. :laugh3: It's funny how awesome b-sides and the more rare songs in general are. Some of my favourite songs by Coldplay and Muse are b-sides, and undoubtedly one of my favourite things Radiohead has ever done is their My Iron Lung EP, which it seems few people have even heard. And yeah, I loved the Doctor Who episode, but 6 months will be a long time to wait for the next one. :( At least there's more to look forward to though! :)

  10. Ugh, character limit! :angry: I'm sorry I talk so much. :rolleyes: But are there any particular Biffy Clyro b-sides that you would suggest, or are they just all awesome? I'll definitely check them out asap! :cheesy: And yes, I did indeed watch the season finale of Doctor Who!!!! :shocked2: :laugh3: What are your thoughts on it? :D

  11. Yes, I'm so happy about it! :) Oh and it's at an animal shelter. It's a rare no-kill shelter and I've been employed to rehabilitate the scared or aggressive dogs to save them from being put to sleep and make them adoptable, and then I also talk to the potential adopters and basically take care of the rest of the animals, etc. I adore animals so I love it! And I actually make pretty good money and definitely enjoy it far more than working at a store or one of the usual first jobs. :D I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you will successfully avoid Muse spoilers before your show! Thank goodness you're not on Twitter because it's pretty much absolutely impossible to not know of every move Muse makes on there. :laugh3: The White Lies have a new album coming out this summer? :surprised: I'll TOTALLY have to get that!! :nod: And I can't believe it, but I actually have not listened to any Biffy Clyro b-sides! :o I'm sure they're amazing though because I LOVE their music! :heart:

  12. Hi! :) And oh yes, I ADORE Muse! I actually got to see them live twice this past March! :dance: They were the most amazing concerts I've ever been to! :dazzled: So yes, I'm a huge Muser and Coldplayer!! :heart:

  13. Oh how awful! :worried: That poor man. :disappointed: I'm sorry to hear about what's happening in your town. Unfortunately the town I live in is full of crime and criminals. :uneasy: It's ridiculous. Hopefully nothing like what's just happened will happen in your town again though. :( Ever since the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shooting, I've been uneasy when I go to the cinema. Not to mention the fact that there's been a lot of scares recently, where people have been arrested for bringing weapons into the cinemas. :o On an unrelated good note though, I recently got a real job finally. :dance: And your concert is now in less than 2 weeks! :dazzled: Oh and this is completely random but I was so surprised when I heard Farewell to the Fairground by White Lies at a restaurant last night! It was such a nice change from the usual crap music that's played in restaurants. :D

  14. Oh my gosh!! :stunned: I'm so sorry to hear that something like that happened! :cry: I'm glad you got there when you did though, and that you weren't in the cinema at the same time with the murderer!! :o I hope they caught whoever did it. It's such a shame how you can't even go see a movie and be safe these days. :disappointed:

  15. OMG just two weeks?! That's SO soon!! :dance: Good luck on your exam! :) And hopefully that family weekend won't be so bad. :laugh3: But no, I haven't seen Star Trek: Into Darkness yet. I was going to go see it last weekend but my friends and I decided to go see Iron Man 3 instead. I'll probably go see Star Trek soon though. You'll have to tell me how it is!! :D

  16. Hope you have a good weekend!! :nice:

  17. Sorry for replying so late yet again! :rolleyes: The day before yesterday these insane storms and tornadoes came and knocked our power out for what seemed like forever. I'm just thankful the tornadoes didn't take our house away though!! :stunned: People just a few miles away from us weren't so lucky. :( But on an unrelated awesome note, a friend of mine who's an amazing musician has totally MASTERED Plug In Baby on the electric guitar and they taught me! :dance: I played it over and over for like 2 hours straight because I was so happy!! :lol: I felt cool. :cool: xD Yet another thing that's totally off the subject, I can't believe that it's already almost June!! :o I'm excited for summer though. :happy: Do you have any plans for this summer? Because so many of my friends are a year older, I have like 50 graduation parties to go to in June! :blank: xD Should be fun though. :)

  18. And don't apologize for taking up my visitor message space with videos. I don't mind at all!! :D Especially when it's such awesome music!! :wacko: Who knows, maybe some random person will happen across my wall and give them a listen and find a new band!! xD You and your sister got to hug Mikel?!?! :o And how amazing it must have been to be not only acknowledged by but complimented by one of your favourite bands!! That just must have been too awesome for words!!!! :omgomg: But yeah, I'll definitely go see them if they come near me! I actually need to go look at tour dates right now! It's so amazing when a band is not only a great band but the members are such cool people! :awesome:

  19. OMG!! I can't believe how AMAZING of an experience you had!!!! I actually listened to their new album again today and I'm so happy that you got the live debut of The 5th Day!! That's SOOOO amazing!! :wacky: Their new album is BRILLIANT! :D And OH MY GOSH that is SO awesome that you got to meet Steven! And you and your sister got to get a picture with him!! Like, that's just too awesome!! :dance: Thank you for sending me those Kodaline songs!!!! I think I've found a new favourite band!! :heart: Thanks so much for sharing!! And you got to talk to the bassist after the show, too?! :surprised: HOW BLOODY EPIC. :stunned: And he's a Muser? Just wow. :dazzled: I can't believe that Kodaline is only just now starting out! They're brilliant!! :loveshower:

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