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  1. Hey I'm sorry for how late I'm replying here. :uhoh: But yeah, I agree that their older stuff is the best. But yeah, Magnificent is great! I think Moment of Surrender is my 2nd favourite next to White as Show off NLOTH. : ) And okay, cool! I hope they do release it September/October-ish. That'd be awesome! Then I'd have a new U2 album AND the return of The Walking Dead in October. :D I'm seriously excited for season 4!! :laugh3: So how many more days is it till your concert now? :dance:

  2. OMG your concert was tonight!! :dance: I hope you had a total blast!!?!! :wacky:

  3. And about U2, even though like you said they are a bit of a guilty pleasure nowadays, I actually must admit I've always loved their music! They're not my top band or anything by any means, but I do think that they are musically brilliant. :) So yeah, I'm excited for their upcoming album, as well! :wacko: I even love their newer stuff! (Which, I have yet to find anyone who even remotely likes they're newer stuff, but anyway...:uhoh:) But I've got to admit, I actually really do like it. My favourite track on No Line On The Horizon is White As Snow. What do you think of No Line and their newer stuff in general? Speaking of, which month are they releasing their next album?

  4. Yes, it was a true honour to get Cut A Hole live! Such an incredible rarity!! :wacky: I was also surprised by These Are My Twisted Words, which sounds amazing live, as well!! :wideeyed: My setlist was perfect, really. I got a little bit of just about everything, and all my favourites from In Rainbows & HTTT, and towards the end, I can remember saying to my brother-in-law, "If they'd just play an OK Computer track now my life would be complete." And then they played Paranoid Android!! :dance: And then I died. :dead: :lol: So yeah, it was an outstanding concert! I hope you get to see them live someday, too. They're the best! Speaking of ridiculously awesome live acts though, your Muse concert is SOOOO soon! You must be super excited! :cheesy: I haven't looked at their setlists in ages so when you tell me about your show I'll be just as surprised by what they end up playing as you! :D

  5. Yeah, I agree it's highly improbable. :( But oh well. I'm excited for whatever it will be! And if it's true that it might be sort of like a mix of their albums, that would be SUPER AMAZING, too. :nod: That's cool OK Computer is definitely your favourite album! Deep down, I think it's my favourite, as well, but then I listen to In Rainbows and The Bends and I feel so conflicted. :laugh3: But yes! It would be absolutely amazing if Follow Me Around were released on this album!! :D And yeah, the new songs from last year were amazing! I can remember them debuting Identikit & Cut A Hole at my concert last year, and it was really awesome. :wacky:

  6. Hello there and welcome to Coldplaying, AverageJonas!! :dance:
  7. David Tennant is definitely my favourite Doctor. :) I like Matt Smith okay, but I think I was just so sad when David Tennant was gone that I haven't really been able to get nearly as attached to Matt Smith yet. I think you'll like the old series too if you ever do get around to watching it someday. :happy: Okay, I was just wondering if you had heard anything about Radiohead's upcoming album because I have been seeing some people on Twitter saying it's supposed to have some somewhat OK Computer-like aspects to it. Sometimes people on Twitter don't know what they're talking about, but I couldn't help but get my hopes up because OK Computer is my favourite (well, one of my favourite) albums, so if what they're saying is true, I'll probably just die of happiness. :dance: It's probably just some goofy rumour though, because I haven't heard anything else about it being OK Computer-y besides from those certain Twitter people. :disappointed:

  8. Awesome!! I love Doctor Who, too. :D Who's your favourite Doctor? I really like Sherlock, as well, but I can understand you being put off by all of the fangirly stuff. It actually really annoys me, too! Like, Benedict Cumberbatch is a good actor, but I don't get how girls are obsessed with him. :confused: I grew up watching the old Sherlock Holmes series with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock as well as reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, so I've been a huge Sherlock fan for years. Then when the new series came out, it took me awhile to accept that it was set in modern times, but once I started watching it, I really liked it. :nod: And aww!!!! :cheesy: Your new cat sounds too cute. :heart: I love cats! Actually have four of my own (hopefully that doesn't make me sound too insane...:uhoh: :lol:) So have you named her yet? :) Also, I was wondering if you've heard anything more about Radiohead's upcoming album? :wacko:

  9. I'm really sorry for my super late reply...I had replied days ago on my cell phone and only just now realised it apparently hadn't actually posted. :uhoh: My phone is ridiculous about not working right a lot of times on these forums, sorry. : ( As for who my favourite Heroes characters are, I haven't really watched enough to decide yet. I'll finally have some free time this weekend to hopefully get a lot farther into season 1, so I'll let you know what I think then. :D Speaking of TV shows, do you happen to like Doctor Who or Sherlock?

  10. Even though I adore everything by Radiohead, I think I would officially die of happiness if their next album was sort of OK Computer-esque. That was the album to get me into them, and while I enjoy the different path they took for The King Of Limbs and I just love how they experiment so much with such a huge diversity of music types, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for something with more Lucky/Karma Police/Paranoid Android/Airbag type stuff to it. Of course, I'll be thrilled with whatever they do though. :D Is there anything you're hoping for in particular from the new album? Like, a certain music style? :) I love their electronica type stuff too, but I'm definitely more obsessive with the stuff that's more guitar-oriented "quirky rock." :laugh3: :wacko:

  11. If they come near me, I think I'll definitely see what I can do about getting tickets. :nod: However, I literally don't know ONE PERSON who likes them who I could go with (what's wrong with my friends?! :o :angry:) I just might force one of my friends to go with me though. :sneaky: I suppose I could go alone though. :thinking: And besides, just the thought that they might play Innocence is enough for me to just go see them by myself, because I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH. :heart: You'll have to tell me all about your concert afterwards! I'm sure you'll have a totally amazing time!! :dance: And this is off the subject of The Airborne Toxic Event, but I was listening to Atoms For Peace today, and suddenly I got overwhelmed with excitement for Radiohead's upcoming album!! :bomb: Speaking of, have you heard anything more about it? I was just wondering if they've given us any idea of what to expect from it? I'M HOPING SO MUCH for something OK Computer-y. :wacky:

  12. And it wouldn't have been so annoying that she was recording every song, if she was recording them because she actually loved Muse and that was why she was recording, but the same girl blocking my view with her cell phone was the one who was asking what every freaking song was besides Supermassive Black Hole. So, therefore, she lost her right to block my view with her arm and cell phone held high the very moment she asked which Muse song was playing. :nod: But OMG, seriously, the pictures that you did get were simply amazing! :wacky: This Friday marks 4 weeks since your Muse concert?! That's unbelievable how fast time is going by! :o But how AMAZING it is that you'll be able to celebrate the anniversary by seeing The Airborne Toxic Event for a fourth time! :wacko: That's amazing! I actually didn't know they were touring. :surprised: I'd love to see them!! :heart:

  13. But, the way I look at it, the other people at the concert should be dancing and having the time of their lives, too. I'm sorry you were stuck next to drunk/annoying/unpwoper fans. :( It's always so maddening! :angry: I tend to have the same luck, too! The people at the Radiohead & Coldplay concerts were so annoying that I'll never forget them! I was so happy at my first Muse concert, because, as I said in the email, there were actually a ton of awesomely pwoper people there! :D But at my 2nd Muse concert, like 98% of the people there were so UNpwoper that I wanted to scream at them all. :angry: That's cool there was one guy at your concert jumping around every song as insanely as you were though! It always makes me so happy to see such a pwoper Muser among so many unpwopers. xD OMG, there was a girl in front of me holding her phone up to record every song the entire time at my concert, too! :o It was SOOOO frustrating!!

  14. Hey! :) Yes, I am aware that I told you I'd reply back after homework that day, and that was like 4 million years ago, so I'm sorry about that. :uhoh: I really meant to reply back after homework, and I seriously don't know how like 10+ days have passed since, but I apologize. :confused: I'm still so glad you got Stockholm though! :dance: I even tweeted Muse before your concert and asked them to play Stockholm Syndrome that night, although I doubt they would have listened to me even if they had seen the tweet, but I figured mentioning it at least couldn't hurt. xD Hahaha, I've experienced so many of those moments when people turn to look at me like I'm a freak during concerts! :lol: And I laughed out loud when I read that you actually whacked a woman in the arm as you flailed around joyously with Stockholm. :laugh3: I think I kept elbowing the person next to me whilst dancing to almost every song. :rolleyes:

  15. I could never even begin to explain how jealous I will be of anyone who gets Muscle Museum live!! :lol: It's been an obsession of mine for ages. Oh and this is off the subject, but I thought you might like to know that I've FINALLY begun watching Heroes (I'm a couple of episodes into it now) and I'm really liking it! The characters are super interesting. It's definitely my kind of show. :wacky: I've just got to make time to watch it because one of my friends who I've been trying to get to watch Lost for ages now finally wanted to start watching it, so I've been re-watching Lost with her again recently, too. Although, I'm actually enjoying Lost even better the 2nd time. It's such a great show!! :awesome:

  16. Awesome! I'm glad you liked the video, too. :awesome: I just thought it was brilliant. :laugh3: I love their weirdness!! :lol: It's probably my favourite thing on YouTube at the moment. :nod: I noticed Dom's tweet about the North American tour having just ended. He said it's been "swell." :lol: But anyway, seeing that reminded me that your concert is coming up SO soon!! I'm excited to hear what kind of setlist you get!! :dance: That's cool you're not gonna be looking at the setlists though to be as surprised as possible. :D The fact that they soundchecked Blackout is very exciting! And I knew about Dead Star again, but I actually was not aware that they played Micro Cuts!!!! :o I WOULD HAVE DIED. :laugh3: And really?! I didn't know about one of them tweeting about possibly playing Muscle Museum in the summer! :o It must have been Chris. He tweets far more than Matt & Dom so sometimes I miss some of his tweets.

  17. I know you mentioned before that you're not one to watch a lot of music videos, but I was wondering if you've seen the Panic Station video? I personally found it quite amusing. :lol:

  18. I'm gonna reply to your previous messages asap, but for right now I just wanted to say how amazing all of your Muse pictures are!! :wacky: I'll try to continue replying to your other messages later tonight, after homework and stuff. :nice:

  19. OH MY GOSH those pictures you got are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! :stunned: Your favourite (the Knights of Cydonia pic) was one of the best photos I've ever seen of the stage!! I also especially loved the "M-M-M-M-Matt-Mattness" picture!! :lol: Awesome caption, by the way!! :D What I really loved about it was the fact that, at first, all I saw was the awesome "finally" lyric on the screen, only to look down and see Matt with his amazing glasses! :awesome: The one you got during Survival was so epic, too! Could you believe how amazing the lightshow was during that song? I loved the snapping finger and the stomping foot! xD And then the little choir people!! :lol: The pic after the pyramid "consumed" them was super epic (I LOVE ALL THOSE TV SCREENS OMG) and then I love how the last pic, as they're walking off, has Dom on the screen. :heart: ALL OF THE PICTURES WERE SO COOL!! :cool: Thanks for showing them to me! :nice:

  20. To be honest, I've never freaked out over anything in my entire life like I did when they played Sunburn. I've always dreamed of getting something off the Showbiz album live, but I never thought I actually would! I thought I might faint! xD And yeah...I would have loved so much to have gotten New Born (as it is my favourite) but Stockholm Syndrome was an honour to experience live, too, so I'm happy. Maybe...just maybe they'll play New Born for me next tour. I can always hope. :wacky: Glad to hear you've been good! :) I've been good, too. Just busy with school and trying to make some money and I've been doing some volunteer work lately, too. I'm excited for summer! I suppose I should go look for a REAL job though instead of just my usual making and selling t-shirts and dog training. :lol: This is totally off subject, but have you seen the new Panic Station video? Muse is so crazy! :laugh3:

  21. Hi! :) I'm glad the gig went well. :D The venue sounds awesome!! :awesome: So how'd the gig go on Thursday? Have you uploaded some new stuff yet? I'd like to hear your stuff sometime. :happy: Good to hear you had a good birthday!! And oh yes, the concerts were too much! :loveshower: Knights Of Cydonia had the most epic lightshow I've ever seen, and I must say they just give the best overall live performance I've ever experienced (and that says a LOT, 'cause I've seen Radiohead :laugh3:) So yeah, they're great. Thankfully, I'm getting out of the writer's block. I've been writing quite a bit, more music than lyrics at the moment, which is a nice change! :) Good luck on exams! Summer is coming soon! :D I'm about to start applying at culinary schools, and then after graduating from there I'm planning on moving to England for a bit. :D

  22. So your dream came true!!!! :D :cheesy: I'm SO glad they played Stockholm!! :dance: You must have had a happy heart attack!! xD So is your life changed forever now? :wideeyed: YOU JUST SAW MUSE!! :bliss:

  23. JORDAN!! IT'S APRIL 12TH!!! :awesome: TODAY'S THE DAY!!!! :o :dance: YOU ARE GOING TO SEE MUSE LIVE!! :loveshower: Get ready for the best day of your life so far!!!!!!! :bliss:

  24. Hi and welcome here! :nice:
  25. Hello there, I see that you're somewhat new and just wanted to say welcome. :nice:

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