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  1. I must second SupermassiveCPnerd's post--yet again, good job!! :-) ...Any way I could get you to send an MP3 of your latest to [email protected] please? :nice:
  2. Coldplay's? Yes, I've definitely been seeing them!! And man are they epic or what?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. OMG are you seeing these setlists so far?!?! :D

  4. Just had to say your username is epic!! :D

  5. I'm feeling quite sad that I only just now discovered this thread. :( I'VE FINALLY FOUND A PLACE WHERE I BELONG...;) :P
  6. Your avatar is totally awesome! :D

  7. *choose, is what I meant, not chose. Please pardon my misspellings. :/

  8. No worries. : ) And yes, I'm definitely a Muser. Can't wait for their new album! Do you have a favourite album of theirs? I could never really chose, but as far as the one I listen to most, it's Origin of Symmetry. It's just...perfect. :awesome: Glad to hear you are enjoying Spring break! And I'm doing fantastic, thanks for asking. Though it was over a month ago, I got to see Radiohead, who's one of my favourite bands. Do you like them, aswell? Ever since seeing them, life has just been better in every way...:wacko: (And I'm sure I don't sound corny at all LOL :lol:)

  9. (Sorry for the very late reply! ) You're welcome! :nice: I saw that you were a Muser, so I thought I should add you :D haha. At the moment, I am extremely exhausted and worn out from school... -__- But it's spring break now, so yay! :dance: How are you?~

  10. Your weirdness is wonderfully amusing. :D But I think that the "reflective jacket" and "vicinity scene" are amongst my absolute fav quotes still. Oh, and "keat sicking". :lol:

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