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  1. It's so hard guys ! I want to hear it but I also wanna wait till december 4th :s
  2. Yes! The studio is called Mathematic Studio, based in Paris :)
  3. Haha yeah... That's probably true ^^ and a huge coincidence too !
  4. The MV for AOAL is 95% finished. I have a friend working on it as we speak ! Just look for his name when the video is released (Ishibashi) :)
  5. Thank you tom043 ! And you too AMDB9. Means a lot to me ! I feel surrounded ! By Coldplayers, and it's a warm and sweet feeling. Thank you all in the name of every single French fan
  6. Coeurli, courage à toi ! C'est vraiment horrible... Fais attention à toi ! Thank you Christa <3 it's very much appreciated ! Take care
  7. Hey guys. First of all, thanks for all the support you brought to France, and especially here to French Coldplayers like me. I live a mile away from the Bataclan (where the concert took place) and I heard some gunshots yesterday night. It was terrifying. I felt like writing some few words for the victims... because I'm french, and because I felt inspired by Chris's Fly On performance yesterday as I was watching the news... Feels then payback Wish we could live in a world where all the flags have the same color, So maybe we wouldn't have to deal with that much horror, And I pray, oh I pray for you my friends I never knew, Trust me I'm not one of these who will forget about you, So light up a candle tonight and put it at your window, That's a simple way to honour them and to show, How strong our prayers and thoughts converge as one, And through the night I've changed my tone, We don't wanna feel the dirt on our knees anymore, Blood on our sidewalks you'll have to pay for. [ATTACH=CONFIG]32922[/ATTACH] Take care friends around the world ! JB
  8. Hey guys, my district in Paris is a ghost town. It's so weird. What a tragedy Thank you :)
  9. Hey guys, my district in Paris is a ghost town. It's so weird. What a tragedy
  10. I'm french too and living about a mile away from where it happened. That's insane
  11. Ok so I was just scrolling down my facebook and saw that one of my friend is actually working on AOAL music video ! He works in FXs so I'm guessing he's making the apes, the motion capture and the environment. He's name is Ishibashi :)
  12. Chris says: Hymn for the Weekend is the Beyonce track. It's one of our favourite track. A lot of others tracks are built around this !
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