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  1. It's so hard guys ! I want to hear it but I also wanna wait till december 4th :s
  2. Yes! The studio is called Mathematic Studio, based in Paris :)
  3. Haha yeah... That's probably true ^^ and a huge coincidence too !
  4. The MV for AOAL is 95% finished. I have a friend working on it as we speak ! Just look for his name when the video is released (Ishibashi) :)
  5. Thank you tom043 ! And you too AMDB9. Means a lot to me ! I feel surrounded ! By Coldplayers, and it's a warm and sweet feeling. Thank you all in the name of every single French fan
  6. Coeurli, courage à toi ! C'est vraiment horrible... Fais attention à toi ! Thank you Christa <3 it's very much appreciated ! Take care
  7. Hey guys. First of all, thanks for all the support you brought to France, and especially here to French Coldplayers like me. I live a mile away from the Bataclan (where the concert took place) and I heard some gunshots yesterday night. It was terrifying. I felt like writing some few words for the victims... because I'm french, and because I felt inspired by Chris's Fly On performance yesterday as I was watching the news... Feels then payback Wish we could live in a world where all the flags have the same color, So maybe we wouldn't have to deal with that much horror, And I
  8. Hey guys, my district in Paris is a ghost town. It's so weird. What a tragedy Thank you :)
  9. Hey guys, my district in Paris is a ghost town. It's so weird. What a tragedy
  10. I'm french too and living about a mile away from where it happened. That's insane
  11. Ok so I was just scrolling down my facebook and saw that one of my friend is actually working on AOAL music video ! He works in FXs so I'm guessing he's making the apes, the motion capture and the environment. He's name is Ishibashi :)
  12. Chris says: Hymn for the Weekend is the Beyonce track. It's one of our favourite track. A lot of others tracks are built around this !
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