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  1. I love Everyday Life. To me this album is even better than Viva, and that’s really saying something for a Coldplay album released this decade. Long live Oldplay.
  2. If it does happen (big if) I don’t know how it would really turn out. Ken Nelson has a big footprint on that record and without him I think a lot of the songs could end up sounding very Ghost Stories-esque and in my opinion that would be a step backward for that album, not forward. Or Chris Martin could go full new play and have Arianna Grande do vocals on Fix You and turn Speed of Sound into an R&B/Rap track.....
  3. X&Y is the definition of Oldplay so if you enjoy it more than X&Y it’s definitely a return!
  4. This is scandalous. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. The fact there was only 300 tickets, we never had a hope. This is the third time I’ve missed out on tickets.... agh maybe next time!
  5. Will they go up on the likes of stubhub, viagogo etc? I’d pay a bit more for tickets but £500 is extortionate.
  6. No, I doubt I’ll get tickets now. Anyone hazard a guess how much they’ll be going for on resale websites?
  7. X&Y is NOT a failed version of anything... and certainly doesn’t need “fixing” : unamused:
  8. Everyday life was the first LP that got me excited about the band in a very long time but this news coming from record execs hinting that LP9 is more poppy and mainstream is disappointing to say the least. I had this uneasy feeling before AHFOD was released that turned out being correct, and I have it again now. I really do hope I’m wrong. To clarify, I have no real objection to the band doing something that’s more uplifting and happy than EL, but if it’s going to be pop I’d want to see it being more like MX than AHFOD. The live version of some MX songs seen before the album was released
  9. I’ve seen on FB that people have gotten their cd’s/vinyls already. Lucky people lol.
  10. I always refer back to this interview with Chris during the AHFOD era: At 10:40 he is asked about the change in sound and pretty much explains their view on writing music. Just because we got a good album with the right influences this time, doesn’t mean we’re not going to get a pop album one direction would be proud of next time round. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I’d dare say just because EL is a return to Oldplay, we’re not out of the woods yet in regards the near future.
  11. https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/coldplays-record-label-say-they-want-to-release-another-album-as-soon-as-possible-after-everyday-life__27757/ Concerning stuff coming from Parlophone at the moment. from Parlophone’s co-president: “I don’t think it’s a sister record. This is very much a record the band needs to get out of their system” “Get out of their system”!? This has me very worried that EL will be a flash in the pan and the Newplay pop ship will be steered right back on course. Still too early to say Coldplay are back ladies and gentlemen!
  12. It’s exactly what we’ve all been asking for a long time, minus a few minor points on song placement and length, so I was a bit surprised you didn’t like it at first.
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