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  1. Same. I mean, I basically KNOW I will not like it [It's been such a long time since I felt really connected to a Coldplay song, I have to be honest], still got hyped and involved and now I'm I little underwhelmed. But I kind of made my peace with it through the years [X&Y is my favorite so...]. At least I really like the aesthetic.
  2. I wonder if this is to tell us we have to expect something on YT Music...
  3. New svg on the site incoming kaotican transmission EDIT: I'm SO slow at deciphering πŸ˜†
  4. There is a new quote in the html [instead of the one by Tolstoy]: β€œThe moon I see now is the same moon I saw before. Except that before, when I looked at it, it was in anticipation of what it would be like when I got there. That's behind me now." Buzz Aldrin
  5. Two and a half years is such a long time without buckin.
  6. I remember you too Thalia <3 Hello! And dat pic spam :dizzy2:
  7. I'm having a Buckin backdraught [not that I ever stopped loving it but you know, when you don't actively ship something for a while but then ALL THE FEELS ARE BACK AND I'M FUCKING DYING...that.] and I'm so glad there are still people here keeping it alive af. As thank you I wanna share with you my two favorite buckin vids ever:
  8. I'm still alive and still shipping it! [3:10] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKavSb__d5g [3:09]
  9. I sense a Supernatural reference? :P I thought they could mean internal ghosts... Of a stoner metal album to me, actually reminded me of the kind of artworks from a Norwegian metal band that I love! I agree on everything you said.
  10. Oh God :dead: <-- K reaction after months of too busy to live or even to log in here [of course log in here comes before live]
  11. 6/10 Well...I like it, I mean...it's nice, not a masterpiece. Very nice but nothing so special. Maybe it will grow up into me with the time. To be honest I think it's a little flat.
  12. :dazzled: :sneaky::sneaky::sneaky: This pic haunted my dreams lately :sneaky: :dazzled: I love u β™₯ Just popping here to die 'cause of Mr Martin before I leave for Scotland! :D:D:D see you soon!
  13. :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: hello girls! I know you are having fun...something like my whatsapp says it to me :lol: lol And yeah, I'm alive! Mostly reading cause I'm at my holiday house where, as always, internet sucks...in this moment I'm back in town so I had to come here and say HELLO! It's already hot here but Mr Martin made me melt even more! :dead:
  14. ^THIS! :laugh3: Ok, I was just back to life after my exams but thanks to all the recent pics I just died again
  15. Sometimes I hate this man for what he does to me :dead:
  16. :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: ok ok I'll keep myself alive!
  17. Please say to Chris that my suicide is all his fault and make them play the whole [also the b-sides] x&y at my funeral. [still incomparably cute and hot but...:bigcry:]
  18. Something inside me just died :bigcry::bigcry::bigcry:
  19. Thank you...I was really in Jonny-need :dazzled:
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