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  1. I remember being a young teenager obsessing over the release of Mylo, now I’m back here ready for the fellas to come back with some exciting new material!! My thoughts of a double release goes back to the documentary, at the end they are discussing an extended edition or double album style! So maybe this has been in the works for years!! I also have a sneaky suspicion that the elusive Car Kids could be on the arty album, they registered the song post the documentary and was known to be a bit out there. Either way I am that ready for some new Coldplay, I really hope this arty album pushes them outside the box!
  2. So I just read an article about how Chris is struggling with living in LA and how he misses his family and friends (Guy, Jonny and Will). So I've come to the conclusion that this song is written about Jonny and how he is always in Chris' head ;)
  3. no where, you cant find it anywhere! its awful. such a cool jacket!
  4. the coldplayer of the year is a joke guys! also i know, I'm pretty disappointed it's from two years ago!
  5. i know, it is awful. I just want it because i think its a terrific jacket!
  6. It Is almost for me, but the real prize is finding where i can buy it! P.S. You left out the rest of my acceptance speech ;) thanking my fellow Coldplayers
  7. THANKS TO ME!!!! And i must give creedit to all of you other lovely coldplayers <3
  8. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, i think for this post i deserve Coldplayer of the year.... I have offically found the jacket Christoper Martin wore throughout the duration of the Mylo Xyloto Tour... http://www.selectism.com/2010/03/08/rag-bone-for-odin-jackets-and-coats/
  9. My dream setlist that is slightly relistic! Main Stage: *Star Wars Theme Intro* 1. Mylo Xyloto 2. Hurts Like Heaven 3. In My Place 4. Politik (Chris Talks) 5. Shiver 6. Glass Of Water 7. 42 8. Lovers In Japan 9. Lost (Jay-Z joins onstage for his rap) (Chris Babbles Some More Goofy Stuff) 10. Don't Panic (Glastonbury 2002 Intro (Jonny's Version)) 11. GPASUYF (Rock Style) X-Stage: 12. Kingdom Come 13. Death Will Never Conquer (Will Style) 14. Trouble (Acoustic) 15. Green Eyes (Acoustic) Main Stage: 16. Strawberry Swing 17. Violet Hill 18. Clocks 19. Charlie Brown 20. Everything's Not Lost 21. Life Is For Living C-Stage 1: 22. Us Against The World (Will Ending) 23. See You Soon 24. U.F.O (Just Chris) Main Stage (Encore 1): 25. Life In Technicolour ii 26. Talk 27. Amsterdam 28. Death And All His Friends C-Stage 2: 29. Warning Sign (Acoustic) 30. Hardest Part (Chris Acoustic) 31. Postcards From Far Away (Viva Intro On Piano) Main Stage (Encore 2): 32. Viva La Vida (Chris Runs Through The Crowd While Singing) 33. The Scientist (Sing Back At The End) 34. Yellow (Piano Intro) 35. Fix You P.S. Xylo Bands, Balloons, Confetti, Fireworks
  10. I was watching the episode with Chris in it and at the end he sings a song, what is the song? And i am dearly sorry if this thread has been made already, thank you :)
  11. you sir, are the best... but if you were to find the jacket id be even more happier!
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