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  1. Chris: "Some of the new songs that have been coming our way, we've recorded as if we were different bands and acts" I have a feeling this album will not be following one specific genre or style. Feels like these planets have been created to give the band some creative freedom, each song could sound very different. Just a theory, would be an interesting approach to take.
  2. https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/coldplay-uk-label-bosses-discuss-new-project-upcoming-album/ Album confirmed! Will have a similar release schedule to Mylo Xyloto it seems.
  3. The Music Of The Spheres is inside our head? 1617793918481.mp4
  4. Coldplay's Spotify playlist thumbnails have had the new style added.
  5. I could be completely wrong here, but isn't Merry Clayton in the beginning of The Race in the AHFOD film mix? If so it shows the band continued working on the track after Ghost Stories.
  6. If Coldplay were to release a collection of unreleased and reimagined songs, what would you guys like to hear? I would like to finally listen to Famous Old Painters with some lyrics. And obviously The Race and Car Kids!
  7. Yeah, it was one of the first teasers for the EL era. Although the thumbnails have remained, they have either forgot to remove them or there's a deeper meaning. Could be nothing though.
  8. Haha, just replied! The symbols have always been there.
  9. A few videos are in black and white, I only listed the ones with the sunrise and sunset symbols in the bottom left corner.
  10. From what I see only Paradise, The Scientist, Yellow, Up & Up, Violet Hill, Life In Technicolor ii, The Hardest Part, and Aliens are in black and white. These are strangely specific, a song from each era and major ep release - excluding Ghost Stories.
  11. Did we ever find out why only a few YouTube videos were turned black and white at the beginning of the Everday Life era? They are still in black and white, I wonder if this links with the possible recreation of songs?
  12. Coldplay were supposed to be performing during the Global Goal Live event in September. Obviously this has been delayed, however it could indicate something might be coming in the next few months... of course this could have been a small appearance with no new material being played.
  13. It's funny how accurate this headline was!
  14. What a hero! Thank you so much for giving me the chance. I didn't manage to get tickets in the end, got stuck in the virtual queue. Welcome to the forum by the way!
  15. It's not fair! Hope someone from support works on a Saturday. With less than an hour till the tickets go on sale I'm not keeping my hopes up. Silly the codes were sent out so soon to the sale, there were obviously going to be technical problems and now there's no time to solve them!
  16. When you say link do you mean the access code? Cause I haven't recieved one either. I've sent a few emails but things aren't looking great!
  17. Seems the guys will be doing a live session for Jo Whiley next Thursday. She played Daddy and mentioned it after the song!
  18. Great find. Jonny sure does love his jazz, imagine he persuaded the rest of the band to take a classical/jazz direction. That would be hilarious!
  19. Been listening to some Viva demos today, would be awsome for some of them to be reimagined for the new album - if it is an album we're getting! I remember Chris saying he doesn't think we'll see a conventional Coldplay album again, what ever that means! I really hope it is as experimental as some leaks suggest, the teasers we've had make it seem so!
  20. It's great to see this forum so active! I remember when Coldplay were filming in India to start off the AHFOD hype, a couple of weeks later they played Amazing Day at the Global Citizen festival. Although HFTW was their second single and was released almost five months after being filmed! Maybe they've already shot a music video for the first single? I hope something does drop out of nowhere soon, maybe even today. I expect their Facebook profile picture to change soon, that always seems to be the first "official confirmation" something is going to drop.
  21. Made this stupid video, I'm a very bored Coldplay fan.
  22. I just listened to Moving To Mars and Aliens back to back, they're a perfect match. It would have been interesting if Mylo Xyloto took this direction (for those who don't know, Aliens came about in the early MX sessions).
  23. That's interesting, I guess the LA lifestyle encouraged him to try some. And now he's hooked, would explain he's hippie style for AHFOD.
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