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  1. i am!!! but i'll leave soon because of insurance law
  2. I have a large family but unlike your family we are not really close :( it makes me sad but I guess there is just nothing I can do about it…. I really would have loved us to be close but it just doesn’t work. Presently I’m having some problems with my own family…it’s just sad and I get heart burn when I’m so preoccupied with the thoughts of our not being close. I wish we could get along even with my own family… but the more I try, the more I realize I just have to leave home. Do you have any ideas? Of course I’d love to know about the details :)

  3. hi Glyn!!! i'm fine thanks :) and you?
  4. hello welcome!!! nice to have you on coldplaying.com
  5. thanks Brent!!! SUPER SHOUTOUT TO BRENT!!!! i don't know you so well but i know that you are cool!!! I'm Mary, by the way!!! :smug:
  6. i heard the George Clooney's pig saved his life
  7. special shoutout goes to: SupermassiveCPnerd (Glyn) Troxley (Laurel) Mollyxyloto(Molly) iccp(Judy) You all are awesome!!! thanks for making Coldplaying great!!! :)
  8. here is a special thread to make special shoutouts to any coldplayer(s) of your choice. Show them that they are special!!! :)
  9. hello everyone!!! Congrates on the 1000th post
  10. piscesmonkey*


    i dunno, but i love them both!!! my parents are already irritated at the way i'm always on either facebook or twitter
  11. no you're not!!! How are you Molly?
  12. awesome!!!! go Coldplay and go Muse!!! yay!!!! :D
  13. hi jUDY!!! GLYN YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!
  14. take a break!!! i've been working on something for capital market law and insurance law and i'm on social networking sites all at the same time :o
  15. hi everyone!!! wow this pub's looking great!!! all ready for christmas!! :)
  16. in case you don't know her name, her username is SupermassiveCPnerd
  17. Glyn is a girl i admire so much. she is a great inspiration to me. she is my friend, my pal, my buddy...i see her as a sister of mine. she is so caring and nice and she is one of the friendliest people i know :) Would you love to get to know her better? then you are in the right place :) --- LOVE ya, Glyn!!!! :D
  18. Hi Molly how are you? I hope all is well :)
  19. thanks, Glyn!!! you are so nice :)
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