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  1. ok :) hey, if you call yourself a stalker what would you call me? when i have crush on someone i know so many facts about them.....it creeped someone out once :laugh3:
  2. awesome!! here's my twitter account => @vickylawz
  3. sure!!! i love meeting coldplayers :)
  4. thanks for the follow! it's always so nice to follow coldplayers on twitter...they are absolutely awesome!!! :nod:
  5. lol...not now!!!:shocked2:
  6. just trying to enjoy myself on twitter....it's not going very well :( welcome! the more the merrier! :) just asked what was shaking?
  7. why the heck do i always come online?!?!?! for crying out loud, i need a life!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. hi everyone!!! what's shaking?
  9. when you start stalking someone who has the same birthday as Chris Martin thinking that they will act just the like Chris
  10. to write or not to write....that is the question
  11. wow hard question...um...i'd spend it on books :) if you could eat something right now what would it be?
  12. i am sooooooooooooooo bloooooooooooooooooody upset!!!!!!
  13. hi everyone!!! what are you all talking about?
  14. i don't know....i feel so comfortable....it makes me relaxed :nod:
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