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  1. sorry for the late reply... wow it's so awesome that you're having a christmas party to celebrate with the family!!! do you have a large family?

  2. well you are doing a lovely thing!!! you are really kind :) thumbs up Laurel!!!
  3. thank you!!! i'm glad you like the avi....someone made it :) i'm so grateful to that person for making it!!! as at that time i was looking for a christmas avi and she came to the rescue!!! coldplayers are really really nice!!! all this christmas cheer is so exciting!!!

  4. good idea...i can't don't know how to cook a thing :( Hey, Laurel can i help cook? :)
  5. wow that's lovely!!!! oh, I wish everyday were Christmas!!!
  6. woah Brent!!!:stunned: take it easy!!!
  7. wow!!! i love the avatar!!! can i make it mine? i was looking for a christmas avatar and i couldn't find any good ones.
  8. hi everyone!!!! um...let's put more christmas lights up :)
  9. welcome!!! my name is Mary!!!!
  10. hey! sorry for the late reply. don't worry...you know what? i think i'll get tumblr right now :) i'll add you and you'll be my first friend on tuimblr :) that's if you don't mind :D how have you been lately? what have you been up to?

  11. wow a freshman in college!!! that's great!!! i'm in my 4th year in college. i'm studying law :) how have lectures been? i hope all is going well. i'd love to know more about you :)

  12. i'm fine too!!! do you have twitter or facebook? here are mine http://www.facebook.com/vicky.law.566 and @VickyLawz

  13. nice to meet you Abby!!!! how are you? I hope your day has been great?

  14. hiya!!!! welcome to coldplaying!!! we are one big happy family!!! you are safe here :)
  15. hi how are you? my name is Mary. what's yours? :)

  16. thanks :) the funny thing is that i find it easier than french! i totally love learning the language...i especially love the way it sounds :)
  17. yes he is!!! i had a crush on him once :)
  18. :) thank you!!! sorry i had to bring this here: am i in love with Tom Chaplin?
  19. sorry i like it so much i had to post it again....oh Tom why don't you just come out of this and let me see you in person....and....give you a hug?:smug:
  20. why do i fine Tom Chaplin so cute in this^^^:o
  21. hi everyone!!! and thank you so much everyone :) you all made me really happy today!!!! i was so pissed off some minutes ago. this has really made my day!!!! :D
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