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  1. it's evening here too :) so good evening to you too. :) nice to meet you Marija :) i'm Mary
  2. not really...i could never really do it so well ... SQ
  3. well here we're experiencing the last of the rainy season and soon we'll enter the dry season.....i wish i were in the temperate region again....though the weather here is nice too :) sometimes tooo hot but nice. well said.....bitches are so bitchy.... how annoying!!!! :nod:
  4. why does it have to be this way? missing to bits and pieces
  5. that's great strength.....really, that is great strength i always tell myself the same things but will i be able to really cope? *sighs*
  6. hmmmm.....well it's always better to maintain the friendship...i'm not an expert in such things...so don't take me as authority
  7. you're lucky!!!! i was a little embarrassed because it was as if he never noticed.... :/ perhaps it had to be harder :p
  8. i remember doing something like that...my cheeks were so hot i think they were on fire.....probably that's "blushing".....i'd never know, because i'm dark skined
  9. hiya everyone!!! what's going on?
  10. yeah he said he's not into sugary stuff....and i said i was from another planet *rolls eyes*
  11. some people don't....i met i guy who said he doesn't like cake.....weird,eh?
  12. yeah sure! HYE eaten anything disgusting?
  13. someone once told me that it is better for a woman to get married to a man who is like 6 years or older. her reason for saying this was that if there was such a large gap the woman would respect the man more while the man would pamper her and take good care of her....to me, what i believe is that once there is love it does not matter what age you are (although there are some age differences that make you gag)...
  14. yeah sure! justice is not rare at all!!!! it just takes time before you see it come to past. is there such thing as love at first sight?
  15. i could totally relate to that...it's actually quite nice to be with a very close friend of yours. it makes it seem like you'll understand each other forever. there's usually a natural tendency to fill the other half, i guess
  16. i don't know why parents pretend to understand you when they clearly show that they don't
  17. Hi Laurel!!! How have you been?
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