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  1. hi!!! i also just got to use my computer too....sometimes i think that even though mobile phones make things easier there is nothing like using a computer :) i've been fine thanks and you?

  2. i'm fine thank you!!! i'm glad that you are ok!!! Hey, Molly, do you have twitter? i'd love to follow you :D (if you don't mind, of course)
  3. hello Marius!!!! i'm Mary!!!! it's so cool that you are into music!!!! it's cool that you're from germany. don't worry about your English, it'll get better. i'm, trying to learn german myself ;)
  4. hi everyone!!! How are you Molly? is Laurel here too?
  5. for some weeks now i've been thinking of making a special thread for Molly and Laurel....and now i've done it!!! Molly and Laurel are really cool and they've been very nice. this is their thread and you are all welcome. ENJOY!!! :)
  6. piscesmonkey*


    why not? (i'm just curious)
  7. nice to meet you Yu-tong!!! i'm Mary... how are you?

  8. hi!!! i really had no idea we were online at the same time!!! how are you? the coldplaying board is really looking lovely :)

  9. i'd love to make more friends :) i just love everyone :)
  10. hello everyone!!! it's so nice to be back!!! it's been such a long time
  11. piscesmonkey*


    i actually connected my facebook to my twitter and my twitter to my facebook so that whatever tweet or status update i make it's seen one both sides.
  12. it's nice to be back on coldplaying!!! i missed you guys!!! how have you all been?
  13. i don't drink either....except at the pub thread
  14. welcome to coldplaying!!!!
  15. nope, you are not nosey.. wow that's quite some experience!!! i guess you're right............ so music is quite a medicine, eh? ;)
  16. really? how? what do you mean?
  17. hmm..twitter is quite some site, eh? ....ever since i figured the thing out, i've got hooked on it :p should i be scared?
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