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  1. yep but it's just their song from 500 days of Summer Kevin McCleod?
  2. They should of asked this guy to be the koala :P (at least I think that's what Phil is supposed to be. it has hooves so...) Edit: i guess the first pic didn't work so here's a different one.
  3. ^ That's fucking disgusting.
  4. Ugh, I have to get a new battery for my laptop. On the plus side I am getting my room clean :)
  5. This concept of cultural appropriation has so many holes in it it's ridiculous So maybe you should educate yourself on it.
  6. A skull in general is not cultural appropriation. Wearing a skull and trying to imitate a tribal person is cultural appropriation.
  7. Okay I don't care if people eat or celebrate other holidays or practice yoga or what ever. The only thing that gets me is when people take something sacred or something very significant from another culture like I said before waring a war bonnet or a bindi when you are white. Also wearing skulls are not cultural appropriation. Edit: I do have to agree with blue nails that americans do ruin everything.
  8. [video=youtube;PpxDuNFBVj8]
  9. Two words : cultural appropriation. It's basically when someone takes something from another culture and tries to make it their ow i.e. waring a war bonnet or a bindi when you are white. Honestly I don't think Chris was trying to do this on purpose but seeing how diverse this fanbase is he should be aware of what things can be considered offensive to some people :)
  10. ^why the hell is he wearing that shirt?:facepalm:
  11. Her and her mouth need to consensually uncouple.
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